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Five Fortnightly Favourites

I'm really not very good a these kind of serial posts, I have tried quite a few times and failed. But I am hoping to keep this favourites series quite chill and by doing it fortnightly I think there should be enough things for me to talk about.

I don't particularly want this to be in a specific category, just very chilled like I said, and therefore these will include absolutely anything that I have truly been enjoying throughout the past couple of weeks.

A Few Current Favourite Beauty Items

It feels like a lifetime since I just sat down and typed about all the beauty stuff I've been loving lately. Like seriously, when was the last time I even mentioned a good ol' favourite around here? .. Let's just say it has been far, far too long. I have to say that nothing drastically has changed. I am still doing my make up in the same way I have been doing since I started my blog, although probably with a sightly bolder brow and maybe a touch more bronzer. But you know, I've grown up a little...