Yorkshire Sculpture Park


YSP MapIf you didn't already know from last weeks post, I recently took a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I wanted to dedicate a whole post to it because I have never been before and I fell in love immediately. Vintage busFirstly, I just want to talk about the journey there. I was very lucky and we travelled to the park on a Vintage Bus. I have seen these about loads because we live near a vintage bus company, and I always see them being used for wedding parties and have wondered what they are like. They are just gorgeous.

I totally want to hire one for something in the future because they are amazing and beautiful. And yes I am getting this excited about a bus. What has life become?

Inside the vintage busI didn't manage to get a photo of it but there was an old sign inside the bus that said 'Spitting is prohibited'. That really made me giggle. It just isn't something you would see now. I don't know I just enjoyed it.

Onto the park. We only had about 2 hours to explore in the end, which wasn't ideal because I think it would take a full day to go round the whole park and fully appreciate it I think. But the bit I did see was so beautiful, there are little pockets of water and wildlife all over the park, including this gorgeous group of lily pads. Aren't they lovely?

P1000127 Rob Ryan Also, on at the moment is the Rob Ryan exhibition. Oh my . I have never seen any of his work before but I am definitely a convert. He does the more amazing, intricate and adorable pieces. I want them all now. Please?! I really enjoyed having a browse around his collection, even though it was inside which kind of defeats that point of the park. But never mind. P1000125 P1000118I think we did about a quarter of the park in total before we had to head home, but it was such a shame because I never got to see the poppy display that is there. I really want to go back to do a full tour and go round the whole park and see everything because I didn't get chance.

As far as I am aware, the park is free to entre but you have to pay for parking. So it is really good value for money. Plus we had a sneak peek into the cafe and it was very reasonable priced. But of course the Sculpture Park is the perfect picnic setting and it is super family and dog friendly.

Have you ever been? What did you think? Would you like to visit?

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