Why I am addicted to eBay

1I go through phases of loving eBay, and then my obession becomes a bit too strong so I back off, them BOOM it's back. I love how you can scour the site for complete gems. There is nothing more rewarding then seeing that top from TopShop a month ago, the one with the heafty price tag on ebay with a starting price of 99p. Hell Yes! I get so intrigued at how you can find anything on there. Sometimes I just seach things, just to see if anyone is selling them. I am rarely disappointed.

How I find things often ranges from just mindless browsing to specific searches, but I am always mindful not to over pay for something. I can see how this easily happens though because you get so into bidding and you become so attached to that second hand dress that you need it. You need it now. But I do set a limit, other wise I would be spending silly amounts on things that aren't worth it.

That's not to say I spend 99p on everything though. I set a bit to a maximum of what I think it'd worth, and what I would be happy selling it for, and how often I am going to wear the item.

Here are some of my recent eBay loves

eBay findsDo you use eBay? What are your favourite things about it?

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