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Travel Make Up BagI recently went away for the weekend, no where far, just to the Midlands for my nieces christening. And seeing as though I am a massive over packer and I knew I would need a lot of products with me I thought I would do a little 'What's in my Travel Make Up Bag' for you.

I find these videos really interesting to watch and I really like to have a nosey at what other people deem as essentials. Especially for different occasions, this was a christening so I knew I needed the products with me that allowed me to do a more dressed up look. But I was also there for a few days so I needed every day make up too. And that is why the travel bag is full to bursting. I just wanted to cover all bases okay?

I took pretty much two of everything, apart from lip products where it got way more over powering and I ended up taking way more than I needed just to make sure I had enough for whatever we were doing. I didn't have my outfit totally sorted which meant that my make up became a little harder to plan. And also, I didn't know what we would be doing on the days before the Christening, so narrowing down lip products became really difficult until I thought "what the hell I will just take all of them!". Standard Harrie.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this video and let me know what you think.


What's in your travel bag?

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