What's in my hand luggage

What I am taking to the airport with me So today I am going to Tererife. For ten days. I am all kinds of excited. I look forward to going on holiday all year, because it's my favourite time. This one is especially exciting, because it's just me and MT and if it is anything like last year, it will be so much fun. Also, there is limited WIFI in the hotel and it will mean that we're going to be spending actual time together. Like quality couple time, which I love because sometimes life gets in the way so its nice to have some time just us.

Anyway, here is what I will be taking on my 4 and a half hour flight. I know that isn't a particually long flight, but it is quite a long time so I will like to be prepared and know that it will be a comfortable flight. 1. The important things | Travel documents, Euros and Passports I am always document keeper. Mainly because I am the one with the bag, so it makes sense. This year I am planning on having one purse for my euros, and a seperate purse for my British sterling. That was it feels organised and I don't have to be flapping about every time I want to buy something. Then, for the first time ever we have done online check in, so have printed out all the important bits that the people behind the desk normally do. I find that so intimidating, like what if I forget everything! So I plan to put them in a folder so they all stay nice and crisp, and organised. Heck, I might treat myself to a few post-its to be super on the ball. Finally, passports. Mine is in this pink case, which is donkeys old. But it makes it super easy to distinguish whos passport is whos.

2. Make up essentials | Hand cream, foundation and blush I cannot stand having dry hands. Like I freak out, and touching anything makes me cringe. So I use a fair amount of hand cream. I got given these little bottles of Avino cream by the nurse, and they are just perfect for this kind of trip and will help me stay moisterised. Plus, they can be used anywhere so if I have a fream excema attack I know I have it covered. Founation and blush are my go to products when I want to freshen up and they just brighten up my skin so I know I look okay for any sneaky airport selfies.

3. The 'just in case' items | Light sundress, bikini and sandals I live in fear that my suitcase is going to get lost/stolen/fall off the plane into the sea. Can you imagine if that actually happened? *Shivers* I pack these items just so I know I will be okay if it ever was to happen. I will most probably have a Tshirt and a pair of boxers for MT too. Sometimes it's good to live on the safe side.

4. Entertainment | Phone charger, a good book and a pack of cards My phone charger is always the last thing I pack. How bad is that? It will definiety have a place in my bag just so I can make sure I have it. It is important for all those holiday pictures, obvs. Next, i make sure I have a good book with me. Incase MT falls asleep on the plane or something, then I have some entertainment. I tend to pack really light fun chick-lit books for on holiday, because they are really fun and put me in a good mood and are easy reads. I usually read about three books on holiday but will only put one in my hand luggage. Finally, a pack of cards is a must when going on holiday. Hours and hours of fun!

5. Airplane musts | The comfy items I find that airplanes can be quite cold, and I like to have a bit of comfort. So I am going to either wear of pack a light cardi that I feel super snuggly in. Also, a scarf. I am a bit of a scarf queen and I think it will make me feel comfy and almost cool as I prance through the airport.

What do you pack?

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