What I'm packing for France

What I'm Packing for FranceSo, as you're reading this I will most probably be on the train en route to St Pol Sur Turnoise (a French town).  However, it's not quite as glamourous as it may sound. I'm going with work. And by work I mean two councillors who I don't know that well and are a fair amount older than me. I am also staying with a French man who I have never spoken too. Scary stuff. I am going for a celebratory Twinning trip. Whats twinning I hear you say? Well it's where a town becomes formal friends with another town, and they share trade and do apprenticeship exchanges and all kinds of nice stuff. Plus lots of celebrations. Hebden Bridge is twinned with St Pol, so that's why I am attending.

I really struggled when I was thinking about what clothes to take because a) weather is unpredictable b) I'm going with work so must look reasonably smart at all times and c) I don't know the agenda for the trip.

So here is what I packed.

2015-05-07 15.25.39


There is a mixture of light cami tops which make me feel like I am dressed for spring so come at me sun! and slightly more heavy weight tshirts. I had a quick look at the weather forcast and it doesn't look like it is going to be too cold, so I don't think I will need jumpers as such but I am packing a cardi and my trusted leather jacket. Also, most of these tops can be dressed up with a nice necklace and make up if I go to something a little fancy.

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Two pairs of jeans (plus the ones I will be wearing for the train journey) in black and blue. Black because they look smart and I seem to live in black jeans. They just go with everything. And blue because I love these jeans, and they make me feel colourful and fun. Also, I have some thermal footless tights because I love wearing them with my skater dress when the wind is a little chilly. Oh, and black tights because obvs.

2015-05-07 15.31.19


So I have my favourite casual skater dress which is so comfy I can't even explain. Best eBay buy ever. Then the other two dresses are slightly nicer for if we attend an evening do. Both dresses are high necked and go well with tights so super appropriate for a work event. I packed two because if I only packed one, I guarantee as soon as I get to France I will hate it immediately and be in a bad mood all night. MT can back me up here.

2015-05-07 15.41.01

Other bits and bobs

This is just all the extra neccesities you need when going away. Travel iron to make sure my clothes look good at all times. Travel adapter so I am never without my phone for too long, or straighteners, or kindle. Toiletries including hand cream as I suffer from really dry hands and excema and also dry shampoo to freshen up my roots when needed. Shoes including some smart sandles, heeled ankle boots and smart loafers. And finally a couple of nice small bags.

Oh, I also packed underwear and a towel, but y'all don't need to see that. Hehe.

So I think I have it covered, do you?

My trip to St Pol

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