What I Wore: Yorkshire Sculpture Park


Full outfit 1I am going to split my recent trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in to two posts. Mainly because we got a little bit camera happy so there are lots of images to share. Anyway, on to what I wore.

I have been loving skater dresses, tights and simple black shoes at the moment. Probably because this is the most comfortable thing to wear. Ever. I love jeans but I don't find them as comfy as dresses, plus I don't find jeans that flattering on me at the moment. Perhaps I haven't found the perfect cut. Full outfit 2 I picked this mustard coloured dress up on a shopping trip a few weeks ago (I really should have done a haul video because I got so much). It's from H&M and cost like £12.99. How good is that? They only have the khaki version online, which I did try on but it didn't look quite as nice.

I am loving this colour at the moment, which is good because it is everywhere. It is a lot brighter then anything I own really, and not something I would usually own. But there is something about it. I think it is a real transitional piece (oooh, the fashion blogger in me coming out there). By that I mean I can pair it with a denim jacked to look summery like here, or I can see this working with a big boyfriend coat, thick black tights and ankle boots in the colder months.

I say that as if it's warm here at the moment. The colder months are already here, who am I kidding?

Scarf The scarf is Cath Kidston and it's pretty old now. I got it a couple of years ago as a gift, but I rarely wear it as it is a little too girly for me. However, I think it goes with this dress really well. It has the same mustard-y tones in it, but introduces some more colours to the outfit too.

The bag Finally, the bag is from Ark. Yes, it's a copy of the Chloe drew bag. But it cost £18, which is a lot cheaper then the Chloe version. And I love it a lot. I love a chain strap as I don't wear much jewellery but find it just adds a bit of glamour to an outfit. Plus this bag goes with everything. Best of all, it is super secure. I always feel so safe when using it.

So, that is what I have been wearing lately. What do you think?

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