Wednesday Favourites 8.07.15

WednesdayFavourites8.07.15 Ok. So this post very nearly didn't happen.

I got up this morning and thought shit. Shit. I don't have anything to write for my Wednesday Favourites. It isn't that I haven't done anything, or haven't enjoyed anything I have done in the last week, it's just that well the last three days have been rubbish. I am officially having a bad week. The kind of week that makes you think 'fuck it, I am going back to bed.'

Anyway, this isn't the right post to be getting into that right now. Come on Harrie, pull yourself together. This is a favourites post for goodness sake. So, I thought, instead of trying to exaggerate something from the week that I haven't fully loved doing. I would write about a book that I read recently, that is written by my favourite author. Do you see what I am doing there? *wink wink*


I first read a Paige Toon book about 6 years ago, and I thought it was all cool and naughty because it had a little sex scene in it (don't judge, I was like 13). I completely fell in love with the book, and then begged my mum to buy me another one, and another one. I soon had them all and would re-read them at least once a year whilst waiting impatiently for the next one to come out. 6 years later and I still count down the months until the next novel is out, that's how good they are.

What to expect from a Paige Toon novel Expect chick-lit in its best form. You will laugh, cry, hate men, love men, fancy men, hate women, feel sympathy for women, relate to women. There will be times you want to throw the novel at the wall because HOW CAN YOU BE SO STUPID. But there will be times you will read as fast as you can because you need to know what happens. You will become so attached and infatuated with characters that even months later you will be thinking 'I wonder what happened to..' But ultimately you will feel a little lost when you've finished it because what will you read now? Paige Toon novels are the perfect books for holiday/chill time/fun reading, but do expect to finish it within days because you just wont be able to help yourself.

The Sun in her Eyes Talking now specifically about her lastest edition, the Sun in her Eyes effected me completely different to her other novels. Although most her novels deal with difficult issues that women face all the time, and they all have some degree of heartache, this novel was more fuzzy. I don't even know what I mean by that. But in all her other stories you know every emotion you feel. If you are meant to be mad at a character you are bloody mad, and if you are meant to relate to how someone is feeling you really relate. But I felt the whole way through this book I was confused. I liked the main character but most the time I want like 'oh my god pull yourself together' or 'no dont do that you silly woman' and then the men! You hate them, then love them, then hate them and then love them. I don't want to spoil this novel because it is seriously good but if you have read her other ones, this one is different. It isn't as clear cut. It's still emotional, but it's more raw and real and confusing. Which is what real emotion is like, you never really understand it. Paige has done a really good job of making this novel totally realistic and the characters ordinary. As much as I love her others, this is the story I feel could happen in my life most, and I think that is a massive thing to achieve.

Cool little extras Firstly, if you don't want to take my waffle for it, then here's proof it is brill. It was CBS Dramas book of the month. Heat magazine said it's the 'perfect summer read' and The Daily Express said 'Chick-lit at its very best'. Also, Paige is lovely. Like seriously the nicest woman, I met her a couple of years ago and got her to sign like 4 of her books and she had like a 15 minute chat with me. So not your ordinary meet and greet. You can contact her on twitter @PaigeToonAuthor and she quite often replies. Finally, if you do read one of her books and get super attached to the characters like I do, then pick up another novel because she does this really cool thing where her characters all link up in a subtle way. I think she does it just so her fans know that her characters are doing ok, so we don't all have emotional breakdowns.  Also, here is here amazon link so you can buy her books NOW and also her website so you can take a look at her other work and sign up to the Hidden Paige where you get exclusive content. Ok, I am feeling like a super geek now. Time to lie down.

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