Wednesday Favourites 29.04.15

Wednesday It's this time of week again!

I am growing to love these posts because it makes me really reflect on my week, and look at all the photos. Then I realise how many happy things I have in my life, and I feel really lucky. I don't really have a reason to complain, although that isn't going to stop me.

1. Curry Celebration

On Sunday night I went for a curry with one of my favourite families. My best friend's mum has a very special birthday coming up, and this meal was just one of the many ways we will be celebrating in the next few weeks. Oh, and the curry was nice too.

2. Tea at the station

On Friday I went to a meeting which required me to get the train. Whilst I was waiting for my collegue I got a brew and took these gorgeous photos of Hebden's beautiful station.

3. Wine in the bath

After the HARDEST shift, this was the much needed aftermath. MT ran me a nice bubble bath and had a large glass of white wine ready for my return. Heaven.

4. Spending time with my bestie

Nothing else needs to be said here.

5. Primark Candles

These smell like the most amazing things ever. They are so yummy. And they are in these fun little retro jars which I love. My house is quite white and grey and these little gems will just add a pop of colour . Plus, they were only a pound each. If that's not a win my friend, I don't know what is.

6. The burger

So me and MT watched this episode of How I Met Your Mother where they go on this epic journey for the best burger in New York. And ever since I watched it I had this deep craving where I needed a burger. Like, I would die without a burger. Then I got the opportunity to have this beauty at the Old Gate. We sat in the sun and it was just perfect.

7. Football game

So I used my friends season ticket and went with MT to see his favourite team play, Burnley. It was cold. They lost. But I did have fun, and I would go again. Maybe.

What have your favourite things been this week?

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