Wednesday Favourites 27.05.2015

Wednesday Favourites 27th MaySURPRISE! JK, it Wednesday, so obvs it's time for Wednesday favourites. Sometimes I feel as though I say obvs too much. Meh. This week has left me feeling really good. Cold gone, massive giant evil ulser gone, sicky feeling gone. And it's only 16 days till my holiday. Hell YEH!

Anyway, these are my highlights from this week. Enjoy amigos.

1. Blueberry and lemon Last Wednesday night was Mayor Making at work, which is where council elect the next Mayor for the town. Best bit, buffet obvs. This was a Bluberry fairy cake with lemon icing and it was all kinds of amazing. I think I had 6 in total (including the ones I took home as left overs). So much yum.

2. Carnival This weekend was the carnival in the town, Todmorden, where I live. This included a parade of dancers, schools and other community groups. It was my first time properly watching it go past and I was really impressed, although I was told it used to be much better but since health and safety regs got stricter it doesn't have some of the bigger floats it used to. Was still really good though.

3. Wetherspoons date Me and MT are supposed to be saving, as our upcoming holiday has drained out bank accounts. Plus we have yet to go food shopping this week. All this means it was spoons for tea last night, which I can't complain about because OMG it was so yummy and calorific. Mmmm Chilli Dog. *Mouth waters*

4. Old pictures We dug out some old pictures this week, and amoungst them was this cutie. This is my brother, and one of my family friends. They were best friends as kids, and the parents told them to hold hands and pose for pictures resulting in this cute gem. I have no idea what he is wearing though. Come on Mum, really? Was this really acceptable?!

5. Bank Holiday Selfie No night out is complete without a selfie. It's the law. And if it's not, well, it should be.

6. Elephant So, this was part of the carnival. And maybe, possibly, my friend had to do a double take thinking it was a real elephant. In Yorkshire. LOL. But it was impressive, and really pretty.

7. Shots, Shots, Shots These were cute. I can't remember what they tasted like but I remembered to take a picture so not I feel like I'm all kinds of winning. Yeah, you can't beat me bank holiday alcohol.

8. The fair I spent my Saturday afternoon walking round the fair. I felt like I was 14 again and it was brilliant! The waltzers are still as much fun and still put us in to fits of giggles. Then we went on this ride that was like a big circle with no seatbelts that catapulted you in every direction. Fun for us, not so fun for the 13 year old girls we accidently crushed. Sorry.

What have been your favourite things this week?

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