Wednesday favourites: 25.02.15

FotorCreatedSo this week has been fairly average, but I feel like its been very positive, so that a good thing! Now that the weather is getting brighter I feel much more upbeat and a lot better about things. I recieved some great career advice and spent much needed time with my family and had a good old catch up with my best friend. Could have been worse, huh? Here are my favourite things from this week..

1. Apples

I bought three huge Granny Smith apples from a green grocers near my office. I have never been in a green grocers in my life, so didn't know if they would be expensive or not. But for £1 I think these are pretty good value for money, and MY GOD! They are the best apples I think I have ever tasted.

2. Dizzy Blonde

I am not a beer/ale drinker. Wait is ale a beer? Whats the difference? But after a few a few jokes about my personality and the beers name I thought it would be a good choice for Matthew. I decided to try a little sip, between my mouth fulls of white wine spritzers, and was pleasently surprised. It was light and didn't have the same distinctive beery taste. Will definitely try this properly soon.

3. Smaller jacket kinda weather

I am starting to feel a little braver to wear slightly lighter jackets now I am seeing the sun more. This makes a big change from usual uniform of millions of layers underneith my huge FatFace coat. On Sunday I wore a light jumper, with my leather jacket and didn't feel like a snowman. Winner. Although I didn't get rid of the scarf just yet.

4. Quality time

This week I decided to spend a bit more quality time with my favourite people. Firstly, my Aunty came over to see my new house, and it was so nice to have a proper catch up with her. Then my eldest brother came over (very hungover) to stay the night, which resulted in a family meal with my grandparents with proper pub food. Finally, my best friend came round on Sunday for food and a gossip. I feel so much better after seeing everyone properly, not just via social media.

What have been your favourite things this week?

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