Wednesday Favourites 22.04.2015

Weds Faves 22nd April I am writing this feeling very poorly. My throat feels like it is going to swell up to the size of a house and breathing is an effort, not to mention every part of my body is aching. However, uploading this collage that I made yesterday cheered me up. Seeing what a great week I have had.

1. Slimming World Overnight Oats

I was so nervous about trying this. Especially because me and MT somehow managed to mess up the recipe. Which is the easiest recipe ever. Honestly, we are a disaster. But it actually tased quite nice. It was really filling and made me feel fresh and readt for the day.

2. Walk on the canal

This was the best way to spend a sunny afteroon. We strolled aimlessly for about an hour, fed the ducks and took lots of beautiful pictures. Dreamy.

3. Lamb kebabs with spicy tomato rice

You may have already seen this on instagram, but OMG it was so nice! I felt like I was abroad. Made me really get into the holiday/summery mood. Yummy.

4. Piano festival

Me and my collegue went to get lunch from the cafe in our building on Friday and there was this lady playing the most amazing music on the piano. I later found out that anyone was welcome to come play, entertaining the cafe visitors all weekend.

5. Thorntons Bakewell Tart chocolate

This was really yummy. Although you couldn't eat it all in one go, which suited me fine. I nibbled on this whilst watching the Hannah Montana Movie. Who says I'm not an adult?

6. Tulips

I treated myself to some white tulips this week which look to pretty in my window.

What are your favourite things this week?

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