Wednesday Favourites 20.05.2015

Wednesday Favouriets 20th MayHi! This week has been kinda crappy. I have been so poorly from this dreaded Spring cold and just not wanted to do anything. Just sleep all day.

Anyway, I have managed to make a Wednesday Favourites. Wooo!

1. Bacon Sandwiches

My brother came for the weekend, and although I wasn't up for much entertaining, having these beauties on Sunday morning sure cheered me up.

2. Off out for tea again

I met up with a few of my best friends on Sunday night. It was so good to have a proper catch up and just gossip all night. Hehe. I love things like this, and just wish they could happen more often. Although, I am pretty sure the whole restaurant could hear our chatter. Ooops.

3. Ben and Jerrys

A absolute neccesity when feeling poorly. This didn't spend much time in the freezer.

4. Selfie

This took approx 4000000000 attempts due to me looking and feeling rubbish. Bloody cold.

5. Summer Sandals

I can not explain how in love with these sandals I am. They're so pretty and make me feel all kinds of grown up. Also, they show off my cute tattoo which I forget I have about 80% of the time.

6. Meat board

This was beyond beautiful. A mixture of yummy meats, cheese and coleslaw. We shared this and a few other dished between four of us and it was plenty to feel nicely full. I could eat this all over.

7. Animal Biscuits

Reliving my childhood. So good. Definitely not on my way to achieving that beach bod anytime soon.

What have been your favourite things this week?

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