Wednesday Favourites 18.03.15

Hello again! My favourite things from this week. Enjoy.


1. Hot Chocolate and fuzzy pyjamas

This was really needed. Me and MT haven't been feeling right recently, with headaches and tummy pains galore. This was just what was needed to perk us up a little bit. 2. Minions

I am obsessed with minions, and my only recommendation to the cinema programmer at work recently was MINION MOVIE. When I saw this minion cup cake kit, I just had to buy it. Neccesity, right? 3. Home cooking

Sometimes there is nothing better than a home cooked meal.

4. Breakfast in bed

MT was such a cutie this weekend. He woke me up from my lazy lie in with a nice cuppa in one hand and a bacon and sausage sandwich in the other. Bliss. 5. Cosy Saturdays in

Sometimes these comfy and cosy nights in are just as nice as those crazy nights out. Am I alone in this? 6. These cute football teddies

I am not into football one bit (much to MTs dissapointment). But these teddies just melted my heart. My brother and his girlfriend are super football fans, so will be inflicting it onto their little duckling. Baby stuff is just too cute.

What have been your happy things this week?

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