Wednesday Favourites 15.07.15

Wednesday Favourites 15.07.2015Okay so this week feels like it has been much better than last week. So hopefully this weeks favoruites will by much more cheery. Soz about last week, it was a bit emosh and I may have ended up crying at work. Major oops. Anyway, I am going to centre this weeks Wednesday Favourites on my awesome day out on Saturday. I know it sounds silly because we live together, but it felt like I hadn't seen MT properly in so long. Does anyone else get this feeling? So it was so nice when his mum and dad asked us if we wanted to do something last weekend. We haven't really done anything as a foursome since that disastrous trip to Chester Zoo. It was decided we would go to St Annes (near Blackpool) for the day as it is only like an hour from our house. However, it took much longer as we decided to go the country way round, which was all kind of special. And I may have decided where I want to get married one day, so yeah fun road trip.

When we got there we played Pitch and Put, which is right next to the beach. It is so much fun! I have never played anything like that, and I am the least sporty person ever, so I knew I would be awful. Which I was. But that isn't the point. It's the taking part that counts right? Luckily, none of us were amazing, infact it took MT's mum 12 goes to get the ball in one whole. But still I cam dead last.

After that we went to the Toby Cavery which is right next door to the Pitch and Put site. Although the food isn't quite as bloggable as some other restaurants I see on bloglovin, the food was so yummy! I just don't think it is possible to beat a cavery, especially when you can't remember when your last roast dinner was. I opted for roast pork and honey roast gammon which was so nice. Sometimes it's the simple foods which are the most satisfying.

Finally, to finish the day we went to the arcade. MT's face when his mum said we could go was so adorable. It was like he was about 6 again, not about to turn 23. Bless. Anyway, I could definietly tell where he spent his childhood as the first thing he went on, the claw machine, he won. Yes, we came away with a bright purple monster minon. As you already know our household loves minions, so this win meant we were jumping round the arcade like Christmas had come early. After that we weren't so lucky, but a couple of hours spent on 2p machines, dance machines and playing airhocky was the perfect way to end the day.

Sometimes reliving your youth is exactly what you need to clear your head and set your mood straight.

Are you going to do something fun and carefree soon?

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