Wednesday Favourites 15.04.2015

The Hi guys!

It wasn't until I got round to writing this post that I realised I had done very little this week. And I have taken even fewer pictures. Sad face. However, that's not to say it hasn't been a happy week filled with happy things. Me and MT we're still recovering from our trauma, so spent a lot of time having cuddles and nursing many cups of tea. Heaven. Oh, and eating food. All the food.

1. Wintery/Summery styling

I have had to be a little creative on what to wear as it has been a little chilly when I have been leaving for work, but they days have been developing into hot and beautiful afternoons. In the top left picture I am wearing a tshirt skater dress, with leggings and loafers. And a light scarf. I'm not quite ready to give up scarfs just yet.

2. The beautiful place I work

I am so lucky. I work in one of the most beautiful town ever. Hebden Bridge. You may have heard of it, it's a popular tourist town now and getting more and more popular. It's a must visit.

3. Nachos

I made these on Saturday night to scoff whilst we watched loads of trash TV. Sometimes the best kind of Saturdays are the one's where you do nothing at all. Oh, and these were scrummy too!

4. Prawn, Philidelphia and Sweetcorn pasta

After my weekend of eating really naughty food I thought I best get back on to eating healthier. I had this for my lunch at work yesterday and I loved it. I was super full afterwards too. Bonus.

5. Daffodills and spring flowers

Just. So. Beautiful. *crying emoji*

6. Ebay wins

I am writing a post later this week on my recent eBay gems. Watch this space. But I love these loafers, perfect for loafing around. See what I did there *winkwink*.

7. The sausage sandwich

I showed MT this picture and he said he couldn't work out what it was, he thought it was someones hand in a breadroll. Anyway, its a sausage sandwich. Which got demolished in approximately 30 seconds. Sunday morning bliss.

What have been your favourite things this week?

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