Wednesday Favourites 13.05.2015

Wednesday Favourites 13.5Hey there. Its Wednesday again, so time for my favourite things this week! I have been so busy lately, so I am going to be enjoying some much needed chill time. But for now, here are my highlights. 1. France

Read all about my trip to France here. It was so much fun!

2. The green drink

When a French man poured me this suspicious bright green drink I was very nervous. Hello, it was bright green for heavens sake! But it was so yummy, although very very strong. It tasted like liquid peppermint. Yum.

3. This beautiful little kitty

OH MY GOD. I nearly exploded with cuteness. This cat was adorable, and so friendly. She also had a slightly husky purr which just made me fall more in love. *crazy cat lady alert*

4. MT carrying my heavy bag

He can be such a gent sometimes. Cute. But my bag was really heavy as it had all out loose change that we had been collecting in. We gained £80 towards our holiday money. So easy and a massive win.

5. Selfie

This was taken in France. My new white H&M top looked beautiful on, and somehow I managed to keep it white all night which is so unlike me. I am so proud of my new grown up self. Until I spill again, hehe.

6. Mixed Grill

Me and MT went to our favourite pub for this beast on Thursday night, as a way of celebrating some good news I have just had and to say goodbye. It was so good and had all the meat. mmmmmm.

7. ICO Screening day

Last week I went to Sheffield for a childrens screenign day. Apart from the early start (Harrie is not an early riser) it was great. Lots of new information, and we watched some really great films.

8. This arch

I am 99% sure this is a floo powder gateway that links up to the magical word. It has to be. Right? RIGHT?

What have you done this week?

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