Wednesday Favourites 11.03.2015


I haven't been posting much this week, because it has been one of those weeks where you don't want to do anything but drink lots of cups ot tea and sleep until next summer. Sigh. Anyhow, there has been some highlights in this dull week.


FotorCreated1. This Mickey Mouse kitchen roll

Who wouldn't get happy about this? CUTE!

2. My best friend

I had so much fun with this beauty on Saturday. Feels so good to spend time with her as we both lead busy lives, so having some time to get ready and have a good gossip was perfect. Highlight included rushing upstairs to change all my make up just because 'it wasn't right'. Life.

3. Pizza Hut

It was my first ever take away Pizza Hut and although I didn't enjoy it quite as much as my beloved Dominos, it was good and satisfied my need for pizza. I always need pizza.

4. Tulips

I bought these tulips from Morrisons and they were pretty much dead. But somehow I managed to bring them back to life and they became gorgeous. I love the red/orange colour they flowered into.

5. Smiley bus

On a gloomy bus ride this really made me smile. I couldn't take a picture but on the other side there were some sad faces. Oh, the little things.

6. Hangover days

Me and MT spent the whole weekend with our pyjamas on, nursing hot tea and watching TV. It was just what we needed, and nothing has made me happier than this chill time.

What are your favourite things this week?

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