Wednesday Favourites 1.07.15

Wednesday Favourites 1.07.2015Oh my goodness. It's July. Like we are past half way through the year. WTFFF?! When did that happen. Please slow down earth, Harrie can't keep up. Anyway. Moving on. I think I am going to change my Wednesday Favourites a little from what they were before, because, to be honest, they were a little dull. And the last two Wednesday favourites I have done have featured on thing that I have loved and gone into detail about that (Chester and Tenerife). I loved writing those posts so I am going to stick with that set up. So from now on a Wednesday you will see one or maybe two things I have loved doing this week, but in more detail. Whatcha think? This week I have been to the Cinema twice. Yes twice. I haven't been in months and I go twice. In two days! Firstly, I went to see Jurassic World on Sunday with my big brother. Then, me and MT had a lovely little date night on Monday consisting of a KFC, minion haribos and the Minion film. Best kind of date night if you ask me.

Cinema Food - Pad Thai and KFC

So, Jurassic World was all kinds of amazing. I loved it. Which surprised me as I only seem to watch kids films and chick flicks. But I really think there is something about this film. It's got the right amount of cheesiness, the right amount of hiding-behind-your-hands horror, the right about of comedy and the right amount of action. I don't want to spoil it, obvs. But I would go see it. Even if it is exactly the same story as the other films. LOL. Infact, I am going to see it again in a few weeks.

After Jurassic World we went for my favourite oriental food. Does that even make sense? Well anyway we went for Thai food. More specifically Pad Thai, which is so much yum I can't even explain. We go to a take away, but it has little tables where you can sit in if you choose, which we did because it's about half an hour from out house. I love Pad Thai, but all recipies look way too complicated to attepmt. Anyone want to help a girl out?

Then I went to see Minions, which couldn't be more different to Jurrassic World. It was nice to see that me and MT weren't the only adults without kids in the screen, because ya'no that actually happened once. The film was Frozen, and it kind of made me feel like I should stop coming to see kids films at the cinema. But anyway, the film was everything I expected and wanted it to be, and a little more. It was hilarious and adorable and where can I get a Minion now?!

We  even managed to fit in a KFC to make it a real date night. I had the BBQ pulled chicken burrito which was really nice, and I will definitely be having again (when I am not trying to diet hopefully). And then we had Minion haribos which we nearly demolished before the films had started. Cinema problems.

Whats been your favourtie thing this week?


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