Wednesday Favourites 1.04.15

FotorCreated Happy April guys!

My favourite things this week are...

1. The beautiful skyline

I went for a coffee with my brother and I just had to take a picture of the beautiful sky. Although it does not do it justice at all. I really felt that summer was on its way. Is it true it's meant to snow this weekend though? Sigh.

2. Mr Muscle

We found this glass cleaner in the cupboard at work and it is from 1995! Thats right guys, from the same year I was brought into this lovely world. I was seriously impressed in a super cool geeky way.

3. Purple Rain

I ONLY WANT TO SEE YOU LAUGHING IN THE PURPLE RAIN. JK, this beauty if from wetherspoons and is my favourite cocktail from there. Me and MT decided to get a few pitchers in for unbeknown reason and I am so glad we did. Took me right back to my pre-legal but alcohol full party times.

4. Glass bottle Coke

On the same coffee trip mentioned earlier my favourite coffee shop, coffee cali (Hebden Bridge), served me coke in a glass bottle. Is it just me or is it far better tasting and more satisfying from a glass bottle?

5. This lamb starter

We treated ourself to a naughy date night at our local curry house, Vedas (Todmorden). It is just beautiful there, and the food is so nice. Like always me and MT ordered with our eyes rather then listening to our bellys. This mean we massively over ordered and had to go home early instead of going for a few drinks because we were just too full. Never mind. I have to say this lamb starter was my favourite thing, it was perfectly spiced and super tender. Heaven.

6. Aunty time

My brother finally told the world that he and his girlfriend are expecting. Now can I buy all the baby clothes please?

What are your favourite things?

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