Wednesday Favourites 06.05.2015

Wednesday faves 6.5.2015 Oh hi there May, you snook up on us rather quickly.

This week is super busy in the world of Harriet. Work, work and work. But here are my favourite things from the past week.

1. Birthday celebrations

Not my birthday. Obvs. That would have consisted of a whole post of its own. Hehe. But it was possibly one of my favourite women's special day. And it was an important one. 50! She insists that she will celebrate for a good few months yet. We had cards, confetti, flowers and lots of prosecco. Cue a slightly drunken Harriet on a Wednesday night, oooops.

2. Pizza and wine

I have started to drink much more wine. Oh yes, I am so sophisticated and classy. (LOL JK, I googled how to spell sophisticated). Me and MT are in love with Morrisons spicy chicken thin crust pizza. It just makes any weekend 10000000 times better.

3. Chilled Saturdays

I spend my Saturday afternoon updating my kindle ahead of my upcoming trip to France, drinking tea and raiding spotify for classic gems. Perfecto.

4. Miniegg indulgence

I ate these in approximately 30 seconds. These are not the only things I have been indulging in lately. Also, cheesecake, pork scratchings and pies. Naughty, naughty.


These two little cuties made my day so much brighter on Friday morning. They were right in the centre of Hebden Bridge. Not phased by the humans wondering round them. They were having their own little quacking conversation. Adorable.

What I'm packing for France

Things I am looking forward to in my Twenties