Wednesday Favourites 04.03.15

2015-03-04 08.20.26 I have had such a lovely week involving lots of food (Wetherspoons TWICE in one day!), drinks, chilling out, and catching up with some very important people to me. Can't complain really. Other than the fact there has been a mountain of washing up every day! Sigh.

1. These beautiful heels

I bought these using the last of my christmas vouchers because I thought they were just beautiful. I managed to convince MT they were a good buy because I will wear them all summer and they will be super comfy. Promise. These have made me so happy this week! You can still get them here.


We have finally booked our summer holiday, and it was cheaper than we originally thought. We opted to head to Tenerife this year, even though we knew little about the island. The reviews were really good and the deal for our 4* hotel was just too good to miss. 99 days!

3. Finding out you can do this on snapchat2015-02-28 14.29.34

Just because..

4. The Topshop crop top

This was a steal on eBay, I think I paid something like £4 for it. It's just so easy. I can see me getting my money out of this little gem.

5. Scones

As soon as me and MT saw our favourite plain scones were back in stock it must have looked like we had won the lottery. I could just eat all the scones. Not good for that bikini body I need.

6. Making plans

I have just this second made some plans to see some friends I haven't seen in a very long time. This makes me happy. Sometimes it's nice to see people you don't see that often, but other times it's important to think about why you don't see them too often.

What are your favourite things this week?

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