Wanderlust: Bruges


WanderlustMe and MT are just about to book a weekend away. A weekend away that we have been talking about for so long.

Literally I cannot contain my excitement.

Bruges is one of those places that I have wanted to visit for a while. Probably since my brother mentioned going a few years ago, plus my grandparents have been making the journey to Belgium for as long as I can remember. Only to return with gift bags, filled with magnets and Belgian chocolate. It has always been somewhere that when someone mentions they have been there, or are going I always exclaim 'I want to go there'. However, if someone were to ask me on the spot where I would like to go for a weekend away, I probably wouldn't say here first just because to me it isn't an obvious choice. However, when MT mentioned it, I was like HELL YES! Let's go there!

Since we started talking about visiting I have been like a woman possessed. I have been talking to everyone I can about Bruges and what there is to see and do there. So it was only really going to lead to one thing wasn't it? Pinterest.

So here are some reasons why I have serious Bruges Wanderlust.

From Pinterest - Buildings in Bruges The buildings in Bruges - from Pinterest 1. The beautiful buildings Could Bruges really get any more picturesque? I can just see us walking round being stunned at how beautiful it all is. I love this whole look of everything seeming a tiny bit shabby, yet strangely perfect. The buildings almost look like a model town that you just want to play with. My instagram is almost screaming at me to go right now. All the pictures need taking.

Inspo food for Bruges 2. The food You can't go to Belgium a not get chocolate right? I am so excited to go find some proper artisan chocolate. And waffles. Heck, just waffles coated in chocolate. I best pack some baggy dresses and comfy jeans or else I will be in serious trouble.

So the internet says that Dumon Chocolate is a good place to start. So that is somewhere we will be hunting out! Dumon in Bruges Drinking in Bruges 3. The drink When I mentioned Bruges to anyone they all seem to say about the cafe culture. I am so excited for coffee stops whilst we wander round the city. I am picturing huge mugs of lattes and hot chocolate with maybe a few biscuits and cakes along the way. When on holiday right?

However, whilst I am dreaming about cute little coffee shops I bet MT is thinking about Belgian beer. I have a feeling that we will be hunting out some bars for evening entertainment so MT can sample lots of beer - although he has probably tried a lot of it. Bruges Cafe 4. The Shops I don't know if this is just pinterest playing games, or maybe my imagination of what Bruges is like. But I kind of imagine it to be busting with beautiful boutique shops where I can pick up all he intsagram inspiration . I want to dedicate a whole chunk of time to shopping if MT will let me so fingers crossed that is shopping in real life is as good as it is in my head.

Have any of you ever been to Bruges? What did you think and please let me know if you have any must see spots so I can add it too our to do list.

Now just to book the thing...

P.s all the photos can be found on my Bruges pinterest board. Go have a look!

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