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Vanity Table Since moving out, me and Matthew have added various pieces of furniture to our collection. However, that has come to a halt since we realised how bloody expensive furniture is. Also, we are hoping to move again next year, or maybe the year after, and Matthew has pointed out that there is no point buying expensive furniture when it may not suit our future house.

Very grown up thoughts there Matthew.

But the one piece of furniture I am itching for is a vanity table.

I have never owned a vanity table, and as my make up collection is expanding I think it is about time I start really hunting for one.

I really like the idea of having all my beauty bits and pieces in one place. I want to have somewhere nice to get ready. Whether that's just for work in a morning, or for when I am spending more time and effort for a night out.

Also, as shallow as it is, I would like somewhere to take nice blog photos. Especially the posts where I am talking about products and my beauty collection. I think these posts always look so nice when the products are shot on a vanity. Kinda like Jen does from beautyjunkielondon.

Finally, I would like it to double up as a little desk for me to work from when I need to concentrate. I am wanting to really focus on my blog. Plus I will be starting Uni again in September, so a desk may be needed!

So here are my picks of a few tables I have my eye on.

Dressing tables

  1.  Wayfair - Essentials Dressing Table
  2.  Oak Furniture Land - Kemble Dressing Table
  3.  Next - Hampton Dressing Table
  4.  Ikea - Malm Dressing Table
  5.  Made - Willow Dressing Table

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