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CoverI have been hearing about Topshop's beauty range for quite a while, but I never picked it up. Mostly because I don't live near a Topshop, especially a Topshop that stocks their beauty range. But I kept seeing their name pop up peoples 'holy grail' posts, or in top 5 videos. So I made a deal with myself that the next time I visited a store I would pick something up. Anything. Luckily, I visited with a fellow make up enthusiast who wanted to browse equally as much. Between us I think that we swatched everything that had a slight bit of glitter, or that was in a pretty colour. I didn't go as crazy as you may think, but that was probably because I was aware of how much I had already spent on make up and I knew there was nothing I really needed.

As soon as we walked over to the make up section, the thing they were heavily promoting was their highlighters. I didn't own an individual highlighter and I knew that the Glow Highlighter by Topshop is a cult product that is a best seller and everyone who is anyone has it and has used it. Glow Pot So obviously, being the sheep that I am I picked that up. I did swatch it on my hand and really liked it, so I am not a total sheep. Just mostly. But anyway, I really love this. I don't wear this everyday because it is really shimmery and is quite an intense highlighter. However, when you want more of a night out or evening look it is perfect.

It gives the most beautiful glow to the cheeks, probably why it is called the glow highlighter.. I think because it is a gorgeous champagne gold colour it just mixes with my skin tone but leaves a really lovely highlight. It is very shimmery but I wouldn't say it is very glittery. I definitely don't feel like a glitter ball when wearing it. Glow Pot Swatch As it is a cream I put this on as my final step in my make up routine. I warm it up in between my fingers and then pat it on to the highs of my cheekbones until it has blended into my skin and looks as natural as a shimmery highlight can. I have used this quite a lot and you can see that I have barely dented it, so I think it will last a while too which is a bonus.

The next thing I picked up is a blusher. I am obsessed with blusher at the moment, it may be taking over lipsticks in terms of what I am buying most. Especially quite dark pink hues. I can't even explain why, but I am really into it right now. Blush Anyway, I picked this blusher up in dreamphone. The first thing I want to say is how much I love the packaging. I love the pattern on top with the sprinkled/exploding dots, I just find it really appealing and pretty. Also, it has a really nice sized and good quality mirror inside which I really like and comes in really useful.

The swatch for this blusher doesn't do it any justice. It is the most pigmented blusher I have ever used, seriously the first time I used this I went way overboard. A little goes a really long way with this, but when it is on and buffed into the skin it leaves a really beautiful colour. It makes me look really healthy and glowy which is always a good thing. Blush Swatch In the pan it looks completely matte but on the skin it does have the slightest bit of shimmer which I think is the reason that it gives me a healthy glow. I think this colour is slightly on the more autumnal side, so I don't know if I will get the wear out of it that I hoped, but I will be keeping it for the cooler month. And in the meantime, as soon as I am near a Topshop I will pick up a more summery shade.

I really want to try the liquid liner too, another product I have high hopes for.

Have you tried any of the Topshop beauty range?

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