Top tips for dealing with that Spring Cold

Dealing with a coldSince I got back from France I have been dying! I have felt so down and tired. Like all the energy has been zapped from my body. Sigh. I had two days off work last week as well as a full weekend wrapped up in a blanket, slowly going though a mountain on tissues and ibuprofen. Bet you're jealous of my life, aren't you?

But I have decided to put together a list of things to do to make yourself feel better when dealing with these weird colds that everyone seems to blame on 'it must be the weather changing'.

1. Sleep

Your body is probably tired. Sleep. Sleep it off. Get snuggled up with your duvet and a good cheesy film (I picked Lizzie McGuire Movie) and have all the naps you can possibly have. It is a sure winner.

2. Eat

Try to eat good foods like fruit and yoghurt as these will make you feel better. Or if you feel really sick, a slice of toast and a digestive biscuit with a large glass of OJ is a sure win. If all else fails, send someone for a tub of Ben and Jerrys. You deserve it.

3. Get dressed

As much as I love lazing round in my PJs, I do think that getting into clean comfy 'every day' clothes lifts your mood. Even doing your hair and putting on a little bit of make up cheers me up and makes me feel human again.

4. De-stress

This is the most important thing when dealing with a cold or flu. Leave your work at work. Try not to think about anything until you are better or else it will take your body longer to recover. I think that colds come along when you are run down, when you're stressed and not sleeping enough. Therefore take this time to chill out. Have a rest and stop thinking about the world outside.

5. Keep warm

Okay, now I sound like a Mum. But it is so important to keep wrapped up as soon as you start feeling poorly. I'm talking about all the layers. Bed socks, dressing gown, blanket, duvet, even a hat if you are feeling that bad. Just do it. It helps.

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