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Three easy mid-week mealsGuys. My holiday is literally around the corner, and my wobbly bits just were not prepared for this. I've had my holiday booked for months and months, and knew that I needed to trim down a bit since I booked it. I am not talking any great shakes, but just to get me in a more confident mood. However, I have done nothing about it. 

I have been living with the 'YOLO food is life' attitude. I have finally reached the point though where I am panicking. I can't keep eating like a queen, but expecting the body of a goddess. It isn't going to happen.

So this last couple of weeks me and Matthew have really been trying to watch what we eat, lower our calorie intake and you know, just eat a bit better. It has been working and I have surprisingly been enjoying it, which is something I never thought I would say.

It is true what they say, home cooked meals really are the best for you. So, with that in mind I have been using some slimming world recipes to create filling and satisfying meals that consist of more than just cucumber. I thought I would share my creations with you!

Bacon & Spinach Fusilli

Bacon and Spinach Fusilli

This is a really good option if you NEED carbs, and something comforting and filling. The worst thing about trying to diet is feeling empty and unsatisfied all the darn time. But this meal makes you feel full, and almost like you have had something naughty.

All it is, is fusilli cooked, drained and put to one side. Meanwhile put spinach into a dish and poor over boiling water, then leave it to wilt. Fry off some pieces of bacon with the fat removed, using fry light, along with some garlic and chilli flakes. Add some pieces of lean ham. Drain the spinach, add to the bacon mix. Finally add the pasta, stir and HEY PRESTO! Yummy filling food - DONE.

Chicken & Vegetable Curry

Slimming World Curry

It really does't get much easier than this curry. I have to admit, it wasn't my fave recipe but it was pretty filling. The recipe told you to add ginger, and I think it is the taste of that I wasn't too keen on. But it was still a really easy, healthy and satisfying meal.

Fry off your chicken, using fry light, until golden. Add garlic, ginger, curry power and any other spices that tickle your fancy. Then add some 400ml of chicken stock, and 400ml of passata with onion and chilli. Add all your veg, we used carrot, swede and green beans. Finish by adding 2 tins of new potatoes. Bring to the boil and then leave to fimmer for 20 mins. (We left ours a little longer to thicken up slightly, although this picture doesn't look it - LOL).

Honey & Mustard Salmon

Slimming World Salmon

I think this was my favourite meal of the three. It was so easy to make, yet I think it looks like a lot of effort went into it. It had a slight oriental taste to it, and I just loved it.

All you have to do is mix together 2 tbsp of dark soy sauce, 1 tsp of wholegrain mustard, 1tsp of clear honey and some ginger. Place your salmon in the mixture to ensure both sides are covered. We used two salmon fillets, and found this to be enough mixture. Then grill the salmon for 12-15 minutes, turning once.

For the last 5 minutes of the salmon cooking, take a big wok and add garlic, chilli flakes and pepper. Add a big of spinach and stirfry until cooked.

Serve with mash, and there you have it. Yummy.

Do you have any healthy mid-week meals for me to try?

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