Things to do this weekend #2


Things to do this weekendI loved putting together my 'things to do this weekend' post back in November, and I couldn't think of a better time to do another one than now. It's January, and the post Christmas/Back to work blues have really hit. The world can just seem like a dark and depressing place, one that will want to make you get into your bed and never leave again. But doing that will only make you pick up bad habits - trust me.

So instead of wallowing away like you're in some kind of semi hibernation I thought I would try and put some inspiration into your non-existent plans.

I have kept them all quite low cost, because if you are anything like me then your bank is feeling a little bit sorry for its self this side of the new year. Don't worry. You're finances will get better.

1. Do a jigsaw There is nothing more time consuming yet rewarding then doing a jigsaw.There is something about it that is so very frustrating but you can't stop. You can spend hours collecting pieces into piles of straight edges and purply colours. You can look at the picture on the lid 1000000 times. But there is no better feeling then putting the last piece in place. Jigsaws are just pure escapism.

2. Paint your nails This seems to be one of those tasks that I always mean to do, but never quite do it. So go find your box of abandoned polishes, pick a colour and paint away. I am currently loving grey tones, especially with cool topcoat.

3. Clear the space under your bed Is it just me or does everything end up under your bed? Why not get everything out and have a real sort through. It will make you feel better and who knows what hidden gems you will find.

4. Print out some photos Go through your photo roll and select the ones that you have been meaning to get printed. Lots of sites online run great offers where you can get lots of photos printed for free. Also, it is like a little surprise when they arrive and you physically go through them. Maybe even go one step further and make a photo album.

5. Do a face mask My skin is not looking its best given the lack of sun in the UK right now, plus it is still recovering for all the chocolate and cheese I consumed over the Christmas break. Sorry face. So now I feel is a good time to get a deep cleaning face mask, put it on and leave it for as long as possible. I may even follow this with a good moisturiser and a make up free day.

6. Write a list There is something very therapeutic about writing a list. It almost feels as though it is good for the soul. One of my friends describes is as 'emptying your brain', and I don't think that description is very far off. It can be a to do list if that is what you are needing, but it doesn't have to be. It could be a bucket list, or a places to visit list. Even just a people I need to see soon list. Okay, now I am making a list of lists...

7. Pick a DVD from your collection With the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime taking over, I sometimes feel like the DVD's in the cupboard under the TV are neglected. We have quite an impressive selection so I plan to pick one from random, put it on and just have some mindless TV viewing time.

What are you doing this weekend?

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