Things I never knew about blogging


Things I have learnt from bloggingI have been blogging for a little while now. I feel like I have grown so much in the short time I have been blogging. I have gained so much confidence within my blog, I no longer feel embarrassed to tell people about it and I find myself being really proud of my hobby.

However, I put a lot more pressure on myself than I ever thought I would. This pressure has come from learning about the blogging industry which I have become a part of. I have discovered so many more bloggers and in turn I have discovered lots about myself as a blogger. A lot about my writing style. I have learn about skills I would like to improve and where I would like to be.

The blogging community is huge. Way bigger than I ever expected or anticipated. It is a bit overwhelming and intimidating but it is also pretty incredible. There are some amazing movements being made all because a group of people decided to have their own space on the internet.

Anyway, I feel like I am getting off topic from the subject of this post. So here you are. Here are some of the many things I have learnt and realised from my short time of being a blogger.

1. Self Comparison is REAL Yes. I am naive. I know this. I have always known this. But I still can't believe how much this is real in the blogging world. And it is not just me and my self comparison. Everyone who is anyone is comparing themselves to someone else. Bloggers I seriously aspire to be like are saying that they want this camera that this person has to make their photos look like this blogger who has this many followers. Bloggers are comparing their stats and followers, or regularity of content. I never knew how rife this emotion was across people until I started blogging, probably because us bloggers are well known for being really honest about how we feel. But yeah, self comparison is real and it is a pain. I almost feel like it is damaging us a little.

2. Blogging is money Yes I knew that there is money in blogging, and people are forging real careers from their blogs. I knew this before I started. However, what I didn't know is how much money people spend on their blogs. I am absolutely not saying you have to spend money on your blog but I am saying that blogging can be expensive. For example costs can occur so easily from domain names, hosting servers and themes. Then the self comparison I mentioned earlier can lead to wanting fancy equipment to make your blog look sleeker and lovelier. Cameras, lenses, lighting, backgrounds - all expensive stuff. Plus, I am not even getting on to the fact that some people buy more social media followers and pay for classes to help them improve their blog - ahh.

3. The market is saturated There is a blog about everything. Everyone is a blogger. No I don't think this means that there is no room for more bloggers, if anything this is an incredible community to be a part of. But it does mean there is lots of competition. So you think you have a really cool idea for a post? Yeah, it probably got done 3 years ago. Ouch. The way I found to not get too bogged down by this is to just write what you want. Write about what you are passionate about. Don't worry if there is someone very similar, they can't be exactly like you.

4. The YouTube/Blogger thing is huge It seems as though you're not a blogger unless you're having a go at YouTube. Which I never knew, although I probably should have known because I knew how huge YouTube was, and I knew how big blogging was, so I should have made that painfully obvious connection. However, I did not. And it still baffles me now because I read some amazing writers that just come across awkward on camera and nothing like how I read them. Similarly, some of the amazing people I watch on YouTube don't come across so well in writing - guess you can't win them all right? Although some people definitely can. Damn them.

5. A blog isn't just about the writing Of course I knew that a picture tells a thousand words. I knew that having striking and impressive images was really important. However, I didn't quite realise how important it is. Some bloggers will spend way way more time on the images then the writing, and rightly so because there are some amazing photographers out there. But I honestly thought the blogging was about the writing. It's not just the photography skills that are on point, the social media game is strong too. Some people, I swear, spend more time promoting their blog then actually posting on their blog.

6. Bloggers are talented people I am absolutely not talking about myself here. Not at all. But those successful bloggers that are earning a lot and having those huge campaigns? It is because they are not just bloggers. They do not just write a little post a few times a week and wait for success to happen. They are web builders, SEO experts, social media entrepreneurs. They are time managers, accountants, self publishers and designers. A lot of those bloggers do it all, whilst being parents and having social lives. (A lot even have other jobs!) These people are not only talented, but extremely, extremely hard working.

Blogging has opened my eye's to so many things. And I am learning all the time. I am learning how to improve and promote myself, and I am gaining so many transferable skills. I have to admit, it is nothing like I thought it would be. It is so much harder, but it is so rewarding. And I am so proud of my little space on the internet. Bloggers are forging this whole new industry and well I think that is pretty amazing, don't you?

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