Things I am looking forward to in my Twenties

In my twentiesOK so, I'm not actually twenty until September. But it is something I have been dreading. Like OMG what am I going to do? I will no longer be a teenager, and it will no longer be acceptable to do all the stupid things I currenly do, like spill multiple cups of tea down myself several times a day and sit in my pyjamas for a full weekend and insist that the world is ending when I can no longer squeeze into my size 10 jeans. ARGH.

I am going to have to be an adult. An actual adult. With an idea of what the hell I am going to do with my life.

But actually, am I? Come on. I still have at least 5 years of teenage behaviour. Right? RIGHT?

Right in the middle of a pre-turning twenty panic my bestie sent me this.. (top gal right there)

5af111b0fb5a883b30e340d72cb03055So I think I have finally calmed down at the thought of turning twenty in 4 months. (Although I am still a little bit nervous at saying goodbye to my teenage years). And instead I am trying to see it in a positive way and think of all the things I am excited about.

Here are somethings I am really looking forward to in the next ten years.

Progressing in my career

I have really enojed the last 7 months of my apprenticeship and can see it offereing me so many opportunities. Including the possibility of a 3 year part time degree. It is also opening doors to help me with future ventures. I am super excited to see how far I can push myself and where my career will go in my twenties. I know myself pretty well, and know I won't be satisfied until I am at the highest place I can go.


Now I have a job with a stable income, a house with relatively small bills and an optimistic approach to earning more money I think it is time I make some amazing memories and see places I have yet to see. On my list are Florida, Amsterdam, Budapest, Barcelona, Berlin and Mexico. Lets see how far I get.

Growing up

OK, so this is not something I am immediately looking forward to. I think that for now I am still excited for day-old left over pizza and £5 bottles of white wine. But, it does excite me that in the next ten years I might see my friends and family get married and have babies. Well, there are a few babies on the way but you know what I mean. Heck, maybe even I will join the club by the time I'm 30. *screech in fear*

Learning more

I am quite an independent person (or so I like to believe) and have already learnt so much about myself. But I am looking forward to learning so much more. Like, how to get a mortgage and how to make pizza from scratch (okay I could look that up now but it just seems like something you learn in your twenties, just me? ok then). First on my list is learn how to drive, and learn how to build some flatpack furniture.

What are you looking forward to in the upcoming years?

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