The Perfect Date Day


DSC00711My blog is an amazing hobby which I love. I adore creating interesting content for you all to read. But one thing I really love about my blog is how it is documenting my life. I will be able to look back at this place on the internet and know how I was feeling and what I was up to at different parts of my life. I really enjoy that it is personal to me, and I love reading other peoples life adventures. For example, Tanya Burr documented her honeymoon and Hannah Gale regularly talks about her personal feelings. I like that it is their individual life. That was a very rambley intro, what I want to say is that today I am writing about my lovely date day/evening this weekend. Yes it was valentines day, but we had such a great time and it was just faultless. (And rather inexpensive)

BreakfastWe started the day by going out for brunch. We were trying this year to not go crazy spending lots of money as there are a few things we are trying to save for, so to keep costs down we headed to our local Wetherspoons. Now, our local spoons is not like a bar and doesn't have the nightclub kind of vibe a lot of people associate with Wetherspoons. It is just like a pub, it's got quite a classic pub interior with big open fires. And I have never had a bad meal there.

I had eggs royal, which consists of two poached eggs on top of smoked salmon and English breakfast muffins covered in hollandaise sauce. It was delicious, and quite different from the full English I would normally choose. I really enjoyed this and it gave me the right amount of full-ness to enjoy the day. If I am too full then I feel sluggish and need a nap, but this made me feel good.



DSC00705 As a little present for Matthew I picked up this game from Sainsbury's. I think it is like being on All Star Mr and Mrs, and it was really good fun. You basically ask each other questions from the cards and then answer them, and finally compare answers. Turns out we know each other rather well!

DSC00706Then for the evening part of our date, we stayed in and Matthew cooked for us. We had mushroom soup for starter, but Matthew extracted a few mushrooms before he blended them and put the stock in. And we had it as a little pre-starter on some toasted bread. And it was so yummy, it made me super hungry for the rest of the meal.



DSC00712Like I said, we had mushroom soup and it was delicious. Matthew did good. It was really creamy and mushroom-y and garlic-y. All my favourite things!

DSC00717 For main we had steak - our favourite meal. It was cooked beautifully, so beautifully that I don't think either of us talked for the duration of the meal. What can I say? We really like our food.

DSC00718To finish we had salted caramel and belgian chocolate puddings with vanilla ice cream. It wasn't as sickly as it looked, but it was the perfect end to an indulgent meal. After that we just drank lots of prosecco and listened to 00's hits. Perfect.

What did you get up to?

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