The Glen View Inn - Todmorden


6 I have no idea why it has taken me this long to do a post about my favourite pub in the whole world! Maybe because I am a little biased, as I know the people that own it and also MT works there part time. But it is literally my favourite place to eat. I am so predictable when anyone asks me where shall we go for tea, I always say here. For those of you that aren't from the area... There is very little choice for food in Todmorden. There are just a handful of nice places to go for a meal that isn't a take away. I am going to try to review a few more places around the area as I love these kinds of posts..

Anyway, back to the Glen. I thought this would be a really great post because I have yet to meet someone who genuinely does not like the food here. I only ever hear good things. Mostly, I hear people being shocked at the portion size. The Glen is not somewhere I think of for a light meal, it is somewhere I want to go when I am starving and I need food. Now. 4 As the name probably suggests, it is a pub. It is a traditional English pub, with traditional pub décor and 'locals' and a simple drinks menu. Everything about it is just what you imagine when you think 'English pub'. I think that is something I love about it. It doesn't try to be anything else, it keeps everything simple. It has a really homely vibe to it because everyone knows each other, but not in an intimidating way. They treat everyone the same, whether you have been visiting everyday for the last 30 years or it is your first time. There is a smile for everyone. 2 Next the food. Well, the food is to die for. One of my friends went to Australia for most of last year and I remember her saying how much she missed the food from here. That kind of says a lot, no? The menu isn't anything overly fancy, it is pub food, so there's gammon, roast beef, Cumberland sausage, steak. All that kind of thing that you associate with pub food. However, instead of trying to be different and fancy like so many pubs are doing at the moment, they have instead nailed every single meal. I have never had a bad meal, I enjoy everything I eat here. It really bugs me when I go to a pub in hopes of a gorgeous hearty meal and the menu is ridiculous. No. Keep it simple. 3 This is a burger called the Glen Burger. It is 100% rump steak minced and it comes with relish, onion rings and potato wedges. It is gorgeous!

The Glen is probably most famous for it's mixed grill. Me and MT usually order one to share, and we are both pretty full after eating half. Like I said, the portions are impressive. I would find it hard to believe that anyone can eat a full mixed grill, but I have witnessed it first hand, and I think a big sleep is much needed afterwards! All the meat is extremely good quality and faultless. In fact, when I have steak anywhere else now I find myself comparing it to the Glen. So if any of you have any suggestions to give the Glens steak a run for it's money, please let me know.

Finally, one of the best things about the Glen is how much fun it is. Every so often they do fun bingo (which I have won a few times, just saying) and we spent new years eve there last year. We have also been to darts nights and cocktail nights and they have all been such fun events. I love the high spirit/good vibe in there. It makes me so happy.

Where is your favourite place to eat?

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