The best TK Maxx find ever

Marc B bag - TK Maxx find Let me just get this out there, I do not like TK Maxx. I never have, since the days my mum used to drag me round there kicking and screaming. There is something about the shop that really makes me dislike it. For a long time I thought it was the smell and it's chaotic nature. However, I love primark and that is the queen of chaos. So that can;t be the reason. Recently I told my collegue about my dislike for TK Maxx and she said it's the lighting. And it is. There is like a dull, stip like lighting in there which isn't bright nor dull. Just headache-y. Urgh. Anyway, MT suggested going in there to look for a suit for him. So I followed him in to the Manchester branch. Me being a little bit naughty wanted to have a quick browse of the Gold Label section as I have heard great things about it. I did find some amazing pieces including a Herve Ledger dress at £300 down from like £2000, but my figure and bank balance thought better of that one. Also, a beautiful Diane Von Furstenburg blouse caught my eye. I really had to think about that one as it was so gorgeous, but I would only wear it a few times as it was a little cray, so I ended up putting it back on the rail.

Then, much to his dislike, I went to have a peek at bags. Now, TK Maxx is not somewhere I consider looking for bags, but I thought I would have a look. Mainly, I wanted a new purse and I know Chloe have a range available in TK Maxx so thought it would be a great place to have a look. But I found this beautiful Marc B bag. I actually picked this bag up and it had a massive stain on it. I was trying to convince myself that it would come out with a decent leather cleaner, but MT was being rational, that stain was there to stay. After searching for an alternitive, I found the same bag buried at the back of one of the rails. I was sold. I had to have it.

Marc B isn't the most expensive brand, but I do think their bags look very expensive, and judging from this one they are really high quality. I know Topshop used to stock their products, but I haven't seen them in there for so long. Infact, I haven't seen the brand in so long, so was pretty chuffed when I saw this little beauty. I was after a Marc B purse last Christmas, after my friend got a lovely small bag by the brand, but struggled to find one. I think their normally retail at about £50, which is mid-range highstreet.

Inside lining of Marc B bag

One of favourite things about it is the lining. It is so fun and so different to just a plain black inside. I love leopard print, or any animal print, I'm not really sure what this print is, but it is something I am always drawn to. I had some shoes this pattern a couple of summers ago and I wore them to death. Literally, my brother had to superglue them together once. As the main outside to the bag is a pretty plain (but beautiful) powder blue I think this adds so much detail to the overall feel to the bag. Plus it makes it super easy to find your keys. Double win.

The chain strap is a great detail too. I love a chain strap, and it is so nice that it is gold, as I have a gold watch and it is so nice to coordinate sometimes. Plus, it is quite dressy, meaning that this bag will be perfect for day outfits and night outfits. It is such a winner and I just know it will be a wardrobe staple this year.

Have you had any great TK Maxx finds?

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