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IMG_2640I feel like all I ever talk about now is my birthday, but I think its justified. I was super lucky this year and my colleagues give me some goodies from the Yorkshire Soap Shop, which was so lovely. I go into The Yorkshire Soap shop all the time because they have a store near where I work - one of the only two stores they have! But I have never actually bought anything for myself from there. Their products are so beautiful that I always buy people products as gifts. I feel as that is the thing I seem to buy people, but they are always so well received and it seems like everyone just loves them. IMG_2641 IMG_2644Anyway, when I last went in I noticed that they have started doing candles. I got so excited that the shop assistant started laughing at me which was super embarrassing, but some things are just worth getting excited about - right? I went straight back to the office and started telling everyone how amazing it was that there were candles that smelt incredible just a few stores down the road!

So, really it was no surprise that I was given some as a present. Super awesome!

IMG_2646I was given the mango and lychee scented one. I kid you not this is one of the best smelling candles I have ever experienced in my scented candle life. It is incredible. Super super fragrant - so much so that when I opened the box it hits you in the nose. I haven't burnt this yet but I am hoping it is just as strong when it burns.

Also, how beautiful is the packaging? It is right up my street. It is in this little tin covered with this dusty pink colour which is dependent on the sent you get. I just love this simple, classic look to candles. I think it looks really grown up and just pretty.

IMG_2647I also got a little bath bomb in my parcel which is called fresh berry. This also smelly amazing and was a really birthday-y treat. On top it looks as though it has whipped cream and sprinkles - so cute! I don't know how to explain this it is just really girly and fun and I am so looking forward using this with candles lit. Really relax and make the bathroom smell really sweet and girly. I am sure MT will be happy about that - hehe.

Have you ever tried any Yorkshire Soap products?

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