Slug and Lettuce - Deansgate

  Slug and Lettuce Cocktails

I actually convinced MT to go shopping. And he actually had fun. We had a really really nice day which was really lovely because we don't do that many things together despite living together so it was so good to have some time together. Anyway, as for every shopping trip, it was important that we had a pit stop to refuel. I really fancied a cocktail too.

We have only been to Slug and Lettuce once before, which was in Leeds when we were on our way back from Sheffield. That Slug and Lettuce was amazing, and we can both remember being really impressed with our meal. So much that we have been telling everyone how excited we were to re-visit and try more of the menu. However, MT said that he had been having lots of mixed reactions from people. Mostly that they didn't understand why he was so excited. Anyway, forget the haters because we went anyway. It is kind of a weird set up and we ended up walking round the restaurant being like 'do we just go sit down or will someone help us? ahh what do we do?'. In the end this lovely waitress explained that it was table service and showed us to a table.

It is 2 for 1 cocktails, all day every day which is a definite selling point. I ordered a Rocktail, which is pomegranate, Redbull and red Smirnoff vodka I think with some other fruit in it. It was an unusual choice for me as I am not the biggest fan of Redbull and I normally stick to really fruity, sweet cocktails. But it was really good. However, it came with the other half a can of Redbull to keep topping up your cocktail. I was not such a fan of that because I kept adding it and in the end it just tasted like Redbull. Captain obvious right there, but like I said, not a fan of Redbull really. Its OK thats it. MT ordered a Cherry Cola which was so yum. Coke with cherry Sourz and Vodka. Simple, easy and very yummy.

Nachos at Slug and Lettuce


For food we orded Nachos to share. Pretty standard choice as I am the nacho queen. Literally, I order nachos everywhere. The nachos here were huge! Not huge as in portion size, but the actual tortillas were massive. Like three normal size tortillas to one. They were also spiced, which was a nice added bonus, but I found it a little salty for my liking. Due to the size of the nachos, we ran out of guacamole and sour cream so quickly. So I asked for some more, but by the time they arrived at the table we had munched our way through 90% of the tortillas. Ooops.

Slug and Lettuce - Deansgate

As a main I ordered the Pulled Pork flatbread, and MT had the swiss burger. The flatbread was just like a thin crust pizza really rather than a bread. Also, it was described as having tabasco sauce and jalepenos on it, so I was bracing myself for something SPICY, but it wasn't really. It was just pulled pork-y with a tomato base. It had loads of coriander sprinkled on top too, which is like the worst thing any restaurant can do. Ever. Anyone that knows me knows my hatred for coriander. So I was a little dissapointed with my main. Except for the sweet potato fries. They were to die for. MT, on the other hand, seemed pretty happy. He finished his meal alot quicker than me, saving his last bite of his burger until I had caught up to him. Cute.

Overall, I can see why people were so confused when we said we were so excited to revisit Slug and Lettuce. It was ok. The food was good and the service was outstanding. The price is also really good. But it wasn't the nicest food I have ever had. I think the next time I visit will probably for a cocktail tasting session with maybe some nibbles, rather than a full meal.

What do you think of Slug and Lettuce?