Site Pizzeria - Todmorden, West Yorkshire


IMG_2544Site is a fairly new-ish pizza place opened in Todmorden, West Yorkshire. Todmorden is a small market town on the border of Yorkshire and Lancashire. It is kind of inbetween Halifax, Burnley and Rochdale and is also on the main train line between Leeds and Manchester. It's also where I live, so yeah. If you ever fancy visiting, it is quite cute!

Anyway, Site Pizzeria is fairly new. I'm not exactly sure when it officially opened but it was earlier this year, so I am classing that as fairly new. I have been meaning to try it for ages - like, since it opened - but I never quite got round to going. Story of my life. However, one of my friends had her 21st birthday celebrations about two months ago now (this post has been a long time coming) and as soon as I stepped inside I realised I had seriously been missing out on this place. It is beautiful to say the least.

My friends party was full of cute little ideas which made it her own. Including disposible camera's on every table and this massive photo frame with little wooden hearts next to it, which you wrote on and then inserted into the frame. As the night went on, the photoframe got more and more full, which was such a nice idea. I have never seen anything like that before.

A group of us enjoyed her choice of venue so much that we booked to go for a proper meal the week after. Perfect - as this gave me a proper chance to try the pizza. When I got there some of the group had arrived and had ordered drinks. Which I think is really good service. As soon as we sat down someone rushed over to get our drinks too.

IMG_2546 The menu's are set out in like a builder/construction-ish way. The 'starters' are the foundation and so on. Which is pretty cool. And the mains are a little niche, but all of them sound super yummy. Another thing I love about the menu is that there is limited choice. There was 8 pizzas to choose from I think, which is a negative for some people which I can understand, but for me it is ideal. I am quite indecisive and I think restaurants with lots of choice often sacrifise their quality instead of perfecting a few dishes. IDK, maybe that is just my opinion.

I had eaten a really big lunch that particular day, so wasn't starving, but the rest of the table orderd bread to start. It comes with an olive oil and vinegar dip which they all enjoyed I'm guessing as there wasn't any spare by the time they had finshed. The only draw back I heard from them between stuffing their faced was that it wasn't served with butter.

IMG_2549 For main I had a chorizo pizza which has chilli's on it. It is the spiciest pizza on the menu so I have no idea why I ordered it, other than the fact chorizo is my favourite thing, but it was really good. As far as pizza's go, this was pretty amazing. I felt as though I could have demolished it in about 10 seconds, but I didn't because sometimes I can be classy (if I try really hard). It was served on a thin base, which is my favourite style of pizza.

Site have a stone pizza oven so all the pizzas are made and cooked to order. They are really fresh and you can so tell. The only slight downside is that pizzas come out two at a time. Perfect for a romantic dinner, but slightly less perfect for a large group. Never the less it didn't stop us having a good time.

I liked it so much I made MT take me for my birthday lunch, which again I really enjoyed. He had mixed reviews (because our pizza was a little burnt) but I like it so happy days.

Where is your favourite pizza place?

P.s I am so sorry about the poor quality photo of the pizza. I thought I had one, but didn't so had to use this which I found on my phone. Ooops. Will try do another one next time.

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