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Salvana Food Okay, so it looks like my blog is fast becoming a foodie/review blog. I'm cool with that. I love food, and I love writing so it seemed like it would happen eventually. Obviously it won't become solely about food, that would be silly. Anyway, as you can tell someone has been naught and had more unhealthy food. Pizza is my weakness. I guess it could be worse.

You may have seen on instagram I acutally went to the Lake District for the weekend with three of my friends. It was super last minute, but great non the less. My friends family actually own a lodge up there in Cartmel, so it was a perfect affordable little break. I will do a full post on it later in the week incase you are interested. Back to food.

My friend is always going on about Salvana's and how they do the best pizza. She actually said 'if you like floppy pizza this is the best'. It makes no sense but you can toally get where she is coming from. She has been going there for years so it must be good, right?

We went in and got seated immediately, which was pretty good going considering it was busy and there were 5 of us. Someone then rushed over to us to get our drink order. As it was early lunch time we all opted for soft drinks, but the cocktail menu did look yum. We were eyeing it up for a long while. Salvana Menu

For starter we ordered two garlic pizzas, one with cheese and one with tomato and cheese. These were pretty big and managed to satisfy 5 hungry tummys. The tomato one was especially delicious, we couldn't get enough of it. I probably should have slowed down with the starter though as I was quite full by the time my food came. Rookie mistake Harrie.

Next was the big decision... Pizza or pasta. After a while of deciding, pizza was the winner. I must confess I was a really bad blogger and can't remember the name of the pizza. It was something like La Dolvana or something, but it was a tomato base with chilli's, spicy salami, peppers, garlic, mozzarella and tomato. I am not normally one for choosing spicy things, as I have it in my head that I am bit of a wuss, but I actually love spice. So recently i have been daring myself to order spicy things.

Salvanas - Barrow in FurnessOh my, was it spicy. I had to stop a few times for a little breather, but that could be something to do with the fact I was so full. Starter then a main meal of a full pizza was just a little too much for me. But the pizza was so moreish that I never wanted to stop. Unfortunately, I had to admit defeat with about a quarter to go.

Overall, the pizza wasn't the best pizza I have ever had, it was a little bit greasy. But the base sauce was gorgeous and it was flavoured beautifully. And the service was outstanding. I can see why my friend and her family return so regularly. I would definitely reccommend this place to anyone visiting Barrow in Furness, it is a lovely little lunch place. Oh, and also to mention, they do a lunch time deal where pizza or pasta is only £5.95. Bargin if you ask me.

Where is the best pizza you've ever had from?

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