Rosie Huntington Whitely for M&S


Silk Rose LipstickIt isn't very often where I will dedicate a whole post to just one lipstick, but then again it isn't very often I am blown away by one lipstick...

If you are familiar with the blogging world then I am sure you have heard about Rosie Huntington Whitleys make up line which is in collaboration with Marks and Spencer. The blogosphere seems to have gone absolutely nuts for this line, which to be fair, happens quite often. But this seemed different, it almost seems like this was a line for bloggers. I mean nothing says stereotype blogger more than rose gold packaging.

I am not normally someone to jump on a hype when it comes to make up, especially more premium make up. Because, well, I don't have the bank account that can cope with keeping up with every hype. But the more I read about this line, the more I had to own something. Anything.

And I could own anything, because I like it all!

Overall, the make up really is a reflection of Rosie, it is filled with very naturally pretty colours ad very glowy formulas. There is an radiance cream, really glowy blonzers and blushes, beautiful eye shadow quads that rival those of Charlotte Tilbury, eyeliners and lipsticks.

Of course, I knew I couldn't have it all. And of course, I settled on choosing a lipstick...

I looked at some swatches online and then went in to store to have a look at them in the bullet. I much prefer seeming things in person, because no matter how good a picture is, it always looks different in person. I decided in the end to pick up the shade Silk Rose.

It is a dark pink colour that looks kind of brown, and gives that effect where it looks like a bold statement lip but it is subtle enough not to be too in your face. I think this would be a really great colour for those who find bold colours really intimidating but love how they look on other people.

I love the colour and love how it suits me. Since my outfit choices seem to be more on the plain Jane side these days, I find adding this kind of colour allows me to feel much more dressed up and therefore really confident and pretty. Yes, I said it, this lipsick makes me feel pretty. I know, a bit sad really.. Rosie Lipstick Swatch Moving swiftly on, the thing I love most about it is the formula. It is really creamy and comfortable to wear, it doesn't feel uncomfortable whats so ever. In fact I forget I have it on after a while! But then I find when I look in the mirror it dries down to a lovely matte texture which is really flattering I find.

The only slightly negative thing I can say is due to the creamy texture when applying, I find it hard to get a really neat line. I don't have a liner with this lipstick, and I am not sure they have one in the collection. So I use a lip brush to get that sharp edge, which isn't something I really mind but it is a bit more effort than I am used to.

None the less, I really love this product and it has given me really high hopes for the rest of the line. Now I just need to get my hands on some more products! Free Gift With Purchase

Have you tried anything new lately?

p.s sorry about the broken top of the lipstick, I smushed it right before taking these pics. Disaster.

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