Postcards from Costa Adeje, Tenerife


Postcards TenerifeNo Wednesday Favourites again this week because well, holiday. So I thought I would share a few snaps from the holiday, which by the way was amazing. And beautiful. Costa Adeje is southern Tenerife, near to Playa Las Americas which I know is a super popular resort. I would reccommend Costa Adeje if you are looking for a fun but chilled beach break, as it was so pretty and calm but there were still plenty of bars and restaurants to keep you entertained. Siam Park Sealions

Okay, so if you are in Tenerife and you get the opportunity to go to Siam Park. Do it. Just don't even think about it, or the price tag (it is quite expensive) just GO. It is all the fun, and all the giggles. It is sure to make you feel about 12 again. Me and MT went on nearly every slide at least twice, doing the smaller slides so many times I lost count. The Water Kingdom is definitely a winner.

IMG_1694We stayed at a Be Live hotel, and it was faultless. The food was brilliant, the staff were jolly and the hotel was lovely. It was really clean and had this amazing reception with a big winding staircase. Even though we didn't request a sea view room we were lucky enough to be placed in one which was a massive perk. Plus they had these beautiful flowers everywhere. How cute? IMG_1696IMG_1699There was plenty of time to contemplate life in our relaxing hotel.

PicMonkey Collage IMG_1751

IMG_1754Food Oh my, did we eat alot. We were averaging about four meals a day because we were on holiday. And food is so good. Just look at these Nachos, don't lie, you're jealous aren't you? We got these at an American style diner not far from our hotel. It had vintage cars that were renovated into tables, so obviously I chose to eat in there. It was soon regretted though because hot leather may be one of the most painful things to sit on. Ouch.

But this was not my favourite place to eat. If you are going to Costa Adeje, I would suggest going to scout out Cafe Costa Adeje which was a little Italian style cafe/restaurant. We ate there two night running, even though we were all inclusive, because it was gorgeous. I had pasta with tomato, garlic and chilli. Yum.


IMG_1812This was easily one of my favourite holidays.

I hope you enjoyed this little holiday memory book.

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