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Title ImageOn Saturday me and my good friend Emma headed off on what was supposed to be a 'light' shopping trip, but ended up in being a massive haul where my bank account took a small *cough* hammering. Anyway, one of the things we decided we absolutely had to do was go for afternoon tea.

If you know me personally, or follow me on twitter then you will know that I have been harping on about afternoon tea for a really long time. It is the perfect lunch for me, I love tea, I am surprised my blood doesn't look like a mug of tea, and I obviously love cake. However, finding someone to go with proves difficult. MT laughed at me when I very first brought the subject up, and well some of my strange friends DON'T like tea - what on earth?! Anyway, my friend Emma, she gets it. She got equally as excited as me over finger sandwiches, scones and mini pots of jam. So we headed off in search of some Afternoon tea. We ended up seeing Patisserie Valerie whilst en route an afternoon tea place we had seen on google, but by that time we were both starving and wanted to sit down and eat ASAP.

IMG_2259 We were handed the menu, which ashamedly we neglected, as we knew we were having afternoon tea with the standard pot of tea. No fancy coffees for us. Service was so good! Our tea came pretty much as soon as we had ordered, and we were told it was unlimited, so we wasted no time and started pouring straight away.

IMG_2257 And then it arrived. *insert preying hand/sun emoji here please*. Have you ever seen something so beautiful? Pretty much felt like I was living the dream right there. Yes, I get this excited over mini sandwiches. Yes, I know I need to get a life.

After taking enough intsagrammable photos we started the feast. Obviously, we started at the bottom. There were 5 different sandwiches and a quiche each. My favourite was surprisingly the cucumber, and Emmas was the chicken I think. But they were all amazing. However, we both found the quiche a little disappointing. It was OK but we had that last, it had cooled a little and just wasn't as tasty as all the other sandwiches.

IMG_2255 Then we moved up to the scones. You, quite generously, get two scones each. One plain and one with fruit in. Also, there are two mini pots of jam on offer, a strawberry and a black current. The scones were gorgeous. Not too heavy, but really filling and just yummy. I think I could have happily eaten about 5. The jam was really nice too, quite strong though.

IMG_2253 Finally, onto the cakes. There was an elair each, and then a selection of 5 others. We decided to half all of the 5 cakes to we could try them all. I am so glad we decided to do this because some of them, like the chocolate sponge, were so rich that I don't think I could have eaten a full slice. They were all good, even the carrot cake (I dislike carrot cake - it's just not normal).

The best thing about this - it was only £12.50 each! Yes, they have a promotion on at the moment where two people get afternoon tea for £25. Now that is good value for money, I have got to say.

I am already looking forward to my returning visit - anyone joining me?

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