Harrie Wears: Shopping Edition


1So I am back with another outfit post. It has been quite a while since my last outfit post, but I have made a little resolution to myself to do more of these because they are amongst my favourite to read and I shop a lot, so I obviously really love clothes too. I have a few issues with self confidence, but I am working on them. And well, you have to start somewhere, so why not on my little place on the internet?

This outfit post is what I wore shopping recently. I was heading into the big city of Manchester with my step-mum for a shopping and lunch day, so it was an excuse to dress up a little bit but I still wanted something really comfortable and that I could feel nice in all day long. (Shopping trips can be a lengthy exercise).

I chose to wear an oversized boyfriend coat, because I find that they are really comfortable to wear and they smarten up any outfit. I feel really confident when I wear jackets like this, because I feel like I look as though I have my shit together. Like I know what I am doing. Plus, it hides and areas that I am feeling.. well.. less confident about.

I am obsessed with this camel colour brown at the moment, I just think it goes with everything but gives a look of sophistication and its just a classic colour. This coat I especially like because of the almost tortoise shell effect buttons. I really love that pattern and again it is really classic.

Also, speaking of obsession, I have not taken these jeans off my legs lately. There are twice ripped on one knee, and single ripped on the other. And although I am not crazy on the style of the rips, I love the way they look when they are on me and they are the most comfortable pair of jeans that I own. Serious love for these! Close Up1 Bag1 For bag I used my trusted messenger style Marc B bag that I got last summer. Not only does it give a bit of colour, but this bag is a miracle when it comes to fitting everything in side of it. It hold my camera, and 50mm lens plus make up bits and bobs, keys and my huge Ted Baker purse. I feel like Hermione and her beaded bag when I have this on...

I also thought it tied in my powder blue wrap top, which I chose to wear just for the fact that it is quite thin and would keep me cool when shopping. Especially because I had a bigger coat on and hate getting too hot walking round all of the stores. DSC01158 Finally, for shoes I wore these slip on trainers from New Look. I think a pair of brown loafers probably would have worked better here, but I have just broken my favourite pair, and these were the comfiest flat shoes I had in my wardrobe so I thought "they'll do". Probably not the best 'fashion blogger' I could have been.

Outfit Overall, I was pretty happy with the completed outfit and I felt nice but comfortable all day.

What do you think to this outfit & what do you wear shopping?

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