Our society and Body Shaming

body shamingThis is a topic that really gets me going. Like seriously. I have to control myself. And me and MT have different views, and it can really cause some tension if we get going into a full blown debate. Mainly because, has the whole world gone crazy?! It's like everything is so bloody politically correct that no one can say actually what they think incase they get hounded by everyone for something they didn't quite think though. My main thought is, I don't believe any girl is 100% honestly truely happy with how they look. Thighs too big, nose too big, teeth aren't straigh, knees are knobbly. But that isn't what everyone else sees. Someone told me about an experiment where women stood infront of a mirror and said everything they didn't like about their body which were the usual things like fat, teeth etc. Then they brought on some more women who were told to say what they thought about the women who were being critical. Nothing negative was said, and the women said they thought the critical women were beautiful. Isn't that funny? People don't see your flaws, but your beauty.

But we aren't born unconfident. We aren't born hating how we look and being jealous of how other people look. So why does it happen? Yes, I do believe that the media play a big part in this as a lot of the main stream magazines do discuss weightloss all the time. 'So and so has put on half a stone this week' 'I went from a size 2948y5t4 to a size 0, learn how to look like me'. And no this isn't healthy, and it isn't giving a good representation of women.

However, I do think now everyone is going overboard. We are now shaming people who are slim, because they aren't 'healthy' and are trying to push plus size. I do believe we should have plus size, and their is a massive place for them in fashion, but I believe the people that we should see everywhere are healthy women who show a sustainable look. A size 30+ is no better than a size 0 in my opinion.

I don't think anyone should be shamed for how they look. But I do think that everyone should be encouraged to be the healthiest version of themselves. Some women are naturally curvy and will be super healthy at a size 14/16 and other women will be built to be healthy at a size 8. We shouldn't just put one size in the lime light and say this is how everyone should look, we should have a healthy range of models in all sizes that represent a strong and healthy weight and tell children this is how you should aspire to look.

So yes. I disagree in a society that is all about plus size. But I do disagree with a society that is all small. I am for a community that shows healthy women in a range of sizes. In a magazine I want models that are a size 8 on one page, but size 16 in another article, and a size 12 after than. Strong women who I can say 'wow I want to look like that in that dress'.

What do you think on how our society is body shaming?