October Favourites


Favourite Things in October Hello!

It is officially November. How the hell did that happen? It feels like everyone agrees that this year has just gone by at lightening speed. October has been such a busy month!

I have been loving it though. Everyone is in such high spirits, and the beautiful pictures on Instagram have been non stop. I have been loving everyones autumnal make-up, Halloween practice looks and all the feet in leaves. It seems like everyone just loves October.

I love October too, probably because the Christmas holidays are in sight and it's not too early to start doing some serious shopping. Plus everyone is excited about what character they are going to dress up as. I went as a vampire -fyi.

Anyway, on to my October favourites now! Here are some things I have been loving this month.

The Show We started American Horror Story after so many people recommended it. Oh my. This programme is something else. And I am not totally sure that is in the best way possible. After every episode me and MT sit and look at each other trying to fully take in what on earth we have just watched. I can totally see why people recommend it so highly, because it is seriously something else. You really have to see it for yourself... It is intriguing. But terrifying. Be warned. Favourite TV Show American Horror Story

The People This month I have been obsessed with In The Frow. I have heard her name a few times here and there, but I am not really one for going to check something out when I have been told to. I like to find these things in my own time. But I stumbled on her YouTube channel an I love it. And I know this means I am late to the party, seen as she has almost 400,000 subscribers! But she is so cool, like really cool. And she's northern, which I really like as I haven't seen many northern YouTubers. And her blog is beyond gorgeous. Go have a look. My favourite post include her advice on internet hate and 3 ways to relax and unwind.

The Product It has to be the Rimmel 128 lipstick (Starry Eyed). I love this shade! I have been wearing it none stop since I bought it and I am absolutely in love. It is like a deep purply red. It is a red I would say but it does have pinky purply tones running through it. It is just so beautiful and really easy to wear. It's not drying or smudgy, it's just a lovely creamy matte colour. I think this will last me right through till next spring. Plus it's only £4.99, bargin.

The Song This will come as no surprise to anyone at all. It's a Taylor Swift number. It's called Wish You Would. It is super addictive and it just makes me really jolly and happy. It's one of those songs that you just want to sing and dance too like no one cares. Ohhh yeah.

The Food This isn't actually a food, but this month I have been obsessed with Lattes. I know this doesn't sound groundbreaking but anyone that knows me will know I do not like coffee. Under any circumstances. Coffee = No. However, when I was visiting my brother in Sheffield earlier this month we went to a coffee shop and for some reason I just ordered a Latte. I don't really know what came over me, I must have been thinking I was all sophisticated. But I really enjoyed it, and I ordered it again the next day and ever since I have been ordering them quite a lot.

Breakfast Date The Activity This is a really hard one, because I have been so busy this month. However, I think my favourite activity in October was going out for breakfast with my friend who I haven't seen properly for about a year. We just sat and drank coffees and ate all the breakfast food. It was such a nice morning and put me in such good spirits for the day. We went to Kava in case you were wondering.

The Colour It has to be grey. I have been living and breathing the colour grey. Okay, maybe that is a little bit over the top but every outfit I have popped on this month seems to have grey in it. My favourite grey items include this next nail varnish (not available online, but simliar sets here) and my boyfriend coat.

So there they are! My October favourites. What have you been loving the past month?

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