November Favourites


Walking the pug - November FavouritesHello there December, didn't you roll round quickly?

I am a mixture of emotions right now. I am so happy because it's now December, and everything is in the Christmassy swing. Plus the advent chocolate has been opened! However, I am on a bit of a come down because the super long (4 day) weekend that I have been looking forward to is now over. And it's back to work for three weeks.

Overall though, November was pretty darn good. I can't really complain. It was filled with chocolate, snuggly nights and shopping trips! OH and a little sleepover with a very cute pug.

The Show Not a show, but a series. Me and MT have been re-watching the Harry Potter series. Nothing says lead up to Christmas like the Harry Potter films. We just finished the 4th one and I have been loving it. I never really noticed before how quickly they grow up. They go from children to young adults so quick!

Also, is it just me or is Harry Potter the best film to snuggle on the sofa to?

The Picture MY favourite picture is this one of me and MT. We barely ever take photos together but this one is a good'en. In fact I kind of want to get it printed and put it in some form of wintery frame. It was actually really cold and rainy in this picture, but we still manage to smile! (probably had something to do with the hot chocolate - eh?) Manchester Christmas Markets

The Product I feel like this is cheating, because it is quite similar to last month, but my favourite product this month is MAC Diva which is a deep red/purple shade. Am I boring you yet? But this is such a beautiful shade and it almost makes me feel like I look as though I have my shit together and you know, am some sort of adult. 12224235_1496573857339104_1249421831_n The Michelaks The Person This month isn't a person. It's people.. A family to be more precise. The Michalaks! If you don't know who they are they are a family consisting of blogger Hannah Maggs, her husband Steph and their son. They produce weekly vlogs which are some of the most beautifully shot YouTube vlogs I have seen, but their videos are also really insightful. They don't seem fake at all, they swear when they would normally, they moan about their child, they get annoyed when there is constant drilling outside their house. They are normal. I love their channel at the moment! Also, Hannah creates the most beautiful make up bags. On my Christmas list for sure!

The Song Out of all of my November favourites, this was by far the easiest. In fact, I am not even going to attempt to lie. I am writing this section 13 days earlier than I should because it is that obvious to me. The song of the month is Oasis - Half The World Away. Yes, the original version of the song on the John Lewis advert. I have had this song on repeat since that advert and I just love it. It makes me happy which I know is weird as it is quite a sad song, but I just can't help but smile.

The Food Ok. You can try guess this one. It's hot. It's chocolatey. It is good with marshmallows and cream. It just makes you love winter. In fact, it is one of the only things to get you through winter. Have you guessed it? Its HOT CHOCOLATE!!

Me and MT have been a little bit obsessed with hot chocolate lately. I don't even want to think about how many calories we have consumed this month due to our obsession. My favourite hot chocolate was the one at Manchester Christmas Market. I don't quite know what it was, whether it was the setting, or the little flake or the Christmassy mug. But it was magical either way. IMG_2965 The Activity The favourite thing I have done this month is the Christmas markets. We arrived in Manchester as it was pouring with rain. So bad that we rushed indoors so MT could buy a coat, and I could buy a hat. Once we were sorted it was straight for a hot chocolate. Then we had a wonder round, with a few stops for more festive drinks. Then we went for tea and followed with more drinks. It was just a lovely way to spend a date night!

So there is my round up of my November favourites. I hope you enjoyed this, and let me know what your favourite things have been this month.

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