My Red Lipstick Collection


CollectionI feel like when it comes to lipstick or any lip product, red is my go to colour. Which meant I don't have that many nudes in my collection, but never mind. I love red lipstick and I just feel it's the most flattering colour on my skin tone, it adds a statement to my wardrobe, which is predominantly black and grey and it's just the most classic colour.

I think red looks good on anyone and once you have found the right shade, it just becomes a staple in your make up collection. Like I said, it's classic. You're never going to look back at a photo and cringe, thinking 'what am I wearing on my lips', or at least I had that haven't yet.

Here's my ever expanding collection.

Diva Blog Pic MAC Diva is my favourite and most used in my red lip wardrobe. I feel like if I was a lipstick, I would be this one. It is just so effortless and classic. It is a dark red colour with pinky undertones, so it isn't too bold. It is almost like a berry shade and I love it. It creates a perfect statement lip without being too in your face and bold. The only downside for me is that is is the matte formula, which is great because it is so long lasting, but not so good because it really dries out my lips.

Kate Moss 107 Blog Pic This is quite a cult beauty blogger lipstick. It, again, is a dark red but this doesn't quite have the same pinky-ness as Diva. It has more of a vampy vibe on my lips, which is lovely when I am wanting something a bit more dark and sultry. It still matte, but less matte than a MAC matte, so it doesn't feel as uncomfortable.

Lady Danger Blog Pic This is by far the most out there lipstick I own, so naturally it is the one I am most afraid of. It is seriously bright and really pigmented. It has orange undertones, which to me makes me think it is the kind of colour that looks great in summer, with a bit of a tan going on. I don't think this is as easy to pull off and it is the most matte lipstick ever, but non the less it is one I love to have in my collection. Just incase I am feeling daring.

NYX Cream Matte Blog Pic I picked this up at the clothes show last year, mainly because I had heard a few people mention them in the blogging world. I am still really impressed with the folmula, it is creamy and easy to wear with really good pay off. Doing this blog post has made me realise that I do not wear this enough and I really need to start! Its a really lovely reddy pink shade called Amsterdam.

Apocolips Blog Pic This is similar to Lady Danger in the fact that it is quite an orange-y red. However, it is in liquid lipstick form. This is awesome because it does not move once it has set, and I find it really comfortable to wear. However, like Lady Danger this only comes out when I am feeling brave. It is bold, my friends.

NYX High Shine Gloss

NYX Gloss Blog Pic Finally, this NYX High Shine Gloss is the most true red colour I have, although the picture would not have you believe it. It is super glossy so has quite a sheer pay off but you can really build it into a bold true red colour which I love to wear with black winged liner for that Parisian inspired look. The only thing is it isn't that long lasting, but it is a gloss - so what can you expect?

What's your favourite red liptsitck?

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