Harrie Watches: My Favourite Youtube Channels of the Moment


DSC01250I was really struggling for a post today, not because I am unmotivated or uninspired. But mainly because I am so busy and unorganised at the moment and I really haven't had time to plan and schedule my posts. With my beauty and fashion content, I like to know exactly what I want to say and make sure the content is absolutely perfect before I post it. If I am saying to you that I really love a product, then I want to make sure I have tested it and I really do love it. Or, in a haul I want to make sure that I have the facts etc. This means that these posts can require quite a lot of time to product.

Anyway, you didn't need to know all that. But, I decided to do this post because I knew with this I could literally just open my laptop and type away. As Matthew tells me, when I am passionate about something, I don't stop talking about it.

And at the moment, I am having a real YouTube phase. And it feels like a lot of people in both the blogging and YouTube world are really negative. It feels like success is seen as a bad thing and the people that are successful are getting targeted. So I thought I would try to encourage some positivity and share my favourite YouTube channels right now. This changes often.

1. Fleur De Vlog This is Fleur De Force's vlogging channel, and it is something I have loved as long as I started watching Fleurs main channel. I really do enjoy her sit down main channel videos, and trust her opinion, but her vlogs are just something else. She really does show her life, whether that is going to meetings or just going round the house. Her personality shines through and you almost feel like you are her friend by watching them. I owe Fleur a lot because she is the first beauty YouTuber I watched, which expanded into many beauty YouTubers and then bloggers. Also, it further fuelled the make up addiction I now have.

2. Vivianna Does Makeup The main reason I really enjoy Anna is because she makes me laugh. Again, I really trust her opinion and I feel like we have similar skin tones etc. So I feel like I trust her even more, because what suits her probably will suit me too. But I love all her quirky little traits, like how she openly says she lives in her dressing gown (so me!) and how she is a litle bit geeky (even more me!).

3. Brogan Tate XO I wasn't sure if I should include Brogan because I have included her in a recent favourites and well.. I don't want you all getting bored now do I? But I didn't see how I could do this post without it. Mainly because I really relate to her, a lot more than you would think. We are the same age, and when she talks about her problems I feel like they are similar to what I am feeling. E.g she is unsure what she wants to do career wise, and I feel the same. Plus she just wants to have fun and create memories. I really enjoy her weekly vlogs, you should really check her out.

4. Alfie Deyes Vlogs (PointlessBlogVlogs) Blooming heck, this is twice I have mentioned him now. I really didn't think he would ever make it into a post, or that I would really every like him that much to be honest. I am not really into extremely hyped up people, especially those with an extreme cult following. I was never a Directioner or a Beliber. But one day I just watched one of his videos, and there is something about following his daily life. You can really tell how overwhelmed and astonished he is with his success, which is something I never thought of him, and also you can tell how much he loves what he does and how he is making the most of it. He is just genuine and funny, a surprising YouTuber I would say.

5. Lily Pebbles Now then, I couldn't really mention Anna without mentioning Lily could I? If you don't know them, then they are best friends and really similar to one another. However, with Lily videos I feel like she is someone I invest in. Her videos such as her Mothers Day video or her 28 things from her 28th year, they really just have so much meaning and show such an in depth side to her personality. She is really honest with everything, and I also like how she is beauty but she is not a really girly, girly. Just shows you don't have to be girly to have an interest in make up

6. Just Jodes Jodie is a fairly new subscription for me, I have only just started watching her but I really like her personaility. She is probably the happiest person I have ever seen, she does everything with a smile and it is just crazy! I really laugh at how she waffles on then you can see her thinking 'I really need to stop now', also she knows her stuff about make up and she is really responsive to her audience. And that is a job within its self.

So there you have it. And incase you were wondering I have stated YouTube, you can find me at HarrieHarb. But be gentle, I am new.

Do you have any recommendations?

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