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MotivationI have been doing this blogging thing for a while now, and I feel myself improving post by post. I love it, I am so head over heels in love with blogging I can't even tell you. Sometimes I find it frustrating and really difficult, but on a whole I really love it. I have a few people to really thank for giving me the motivation to continue.

These people all inspire me in different ways, and their blogs are all unique to them, which is kinda what it is all about. I thought it might me interesting to share with you some of my favourite bloggers and the people that motivate me to continue onwards and upwards with Harrie Harb.

The Work Ethic My biggest motivation when it comes to posting regularly and having a strong blog work ethic is Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup. That girl posts everyday (I believe) and has done pretty much for years on end. On top of that she uploads two videos a week, and damn, she is really strict with herself. When I am feeling lazy I just look at her blog, and it makes me feel like I can get four posts up a week. I just find her ethics really inspiring.

The Honesty I think my biggest motivation in terms of keeping it real on here goes to Hannah Gale. I know I talk about this girl a lot, but I don't know. She motivates me in a really unconventional way. I read her blog and I see the glossy photos and the lovely lifestyle posts, but then I also read her realness. I love her dear diary content. It reminds me that I write for me, and everyone else that reads is a bonus. Also, she reminds me that life is a struggle, no point hiding it.

The Beautiful Photos Whenever I am feeling de-motivated by my photo taking abilities, or am struggling with an idea for a photo to go with a post that is in my drafts, or if I am just in the mood to look at some beautiful photos, I head over to Corries blog from DizzyBrunette3. Her photos are just goals.

The Easy Read I often find myself over thinking and then getting stressed about if my content is good enough, and interesting and thought provoking. But then I remember my favourite blogs to read are the ones that I can just check in a couple of times a week, drink a cuppa and have a relaxing read. The person that inspires this attitude in my blog the most is Poppy Deyes. Don't get me wrong, her blog is gorgeous, but I find myself just loving the easy read, relaxed theme.

Pushing My Outfit Comfort Zone Outfit posts scare the living daylights out of me, and although I have been trying to incorporate them more and more into my site, I still find them difficult and awkward. However, just looking at the likes of Olivia from What Olivia Did and Sinead from, makes me feel more motivated to just go out there and do it. What have I got to lose? Yes, a few uncomfortable stares, but some very nice photos overall.

Who inspires you?

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