Motivational Monday #9


Motivation Monday #9I like todays motivational quote for two reasons. Firstly, it uses tea as it’s metaphor, which is obviously the best kind of motivational metaphor out there. Secondly, it is so true. I have this conversation with people all the damn time. What is everyone waiting for all their life? Life really is what you make it. Take work for example, you are at work for approx. 37 hours a week. Why have 37 hours of your week miserable? Is that what you want your life to be? As a rule, I like to think at the end of my life I will look back at everything I have done and be happy with my choices. Yes, this means I am stupidly impatient. I want to have a house and a car and I want it now, because that is what I want in life, and I don’t see why I can’t have that right now. Which is a massive negative, however it is good too. I am ambitious because of this need for a successful and happy life. And I am determined, I am always pushing myself for more.

I don’t get how some people can just sit and let life pass them by. Go out, experience the world, make your life the best it can be. Start saying yes more. Think ‘if I looked back now, would I be happy’.

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