Motivational Monday #7

motivational monday 7 This is not really a motivational quote. But it has never been as true as of lately. It seems like everywhere I go at the moment where is someone that is rude to me. Which comes as a little bit of a shock, considering I am quite a jolly person who cannot stand any form of confrontation. In fact, after one particularly rude encounter the other day I actually cried at work. I was just so fed up of everyone taking their mood out on me, and I know that it is a massive over reaction to cry, but I just snapped. So, as motivation for you all today, I want you to think about how you all are talking and reacting to people. I know all you readers will be lovely, smiley people. But they say a smile can spread a long way. So smile at someone on your way to work. Or make an extra effort to say please and thank you. Manners cost nothing and that is the most important thing to remember.