Motivational Monday #6

Roald Dahl QuoteMy last couple of Motivational Monday posts have been less motivational-y than I wanted. Although they have been fab and provided me with some real food for thought to take into the day and week, they have been more mantras. They have been the kind of things that I screen grab and read when I feel down, and when someone has really rattled my cage. But this, this is something that I find really motivational. So, I have been thinking about my blog lately. I think that it is getting better, like I am connecting with more people, and I am daring to be more personal which is really paying off. But I feel as though that I am not putting my whole heart into it. I am not going at it 'full speed'. And I so should be.

I have always loved writing. I love being creative, and that is now starting to show in my job. I really love this whole blogging lark, and I feel as though it could be something I can be really good at. But I am not going at it in the way I should be. Until now. I am an enthusistic person by nature. I get excited way to easily, and thats all well and good. But I am also lazy. So incredibly lazy, and that is my downfall. That is my big issue. When I get into these lazy periods all my good ideas go to pot, my head becomes this fuzzy cloud and I have no good ideas.

So this quote has sparked my Motivational Monday. I am going to challenge myself, push myself harder. I am going to be ready, with a pen and notepad to hand so when I have these little flicks of ideas I have somewhere to record them. Also, I am going to make sure I write. Write, write, write. I want this little bit of the world wide web to be a good profile for me, a good representation of the person I am. So I challenge myself to try harder.

Have you got something you need to stop being lukewarm about?